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Home Latest Mix Reactions trails Gov Masari order banning use of motorcycles in Katsina
Mix Reactions trails Gov Masari order banning use of motorcycles in Katsina

Mix Reactions trails Gov Masari order banning use of motorcycles in Katsina


Mix Reactions trails Gov Masari order banning use of motorcycles in Katsina 

The law enacted on Wednesday restricting movement of motorcycles from 7pm to 6am by the Katsina state government, has continued to generate mixed reactions from residents of the state, according to Leadership Newspaper.

The decision taken according to Governor Aminu Bello Masari, was necessary in view of the resurgence of armed banditry, kidnapping and other sundry crimes in the state in recent times, adding that the ban was an indication of government’s determination to maintain law and order, as well as protect life and property of law-abiding citizens.

But be as it may, while some are thanking the government for the decision, others are of the view that order would further increase the current economic hardship being experienced by the populace.

The chairman, Okada riders Association in katsina, Kabir Lema, however thanked God for the ban in the state, saying what government did is for the interest of general public to ensure peace and security of the state.

He said “what we want is peace and harmonious coexistence in the state, so that everybody will go about looking for what he or she feed his families.

“I know the Governor foreseen what this order can do in curbing the insecurity in the state, we have nothing against the decision, but to support and cooperate with government in enforcing the law.”

The chairman however, pleaded with Okada riders to be patient and remain law abiding citizens of Katsina state, as the law would not last for long, encouraging them that whatsoever is meant for them to get God will surely provide even without working during the restricted hours.

But some Okada riders and stakeholders in state did not totally agreed with development, as they pinpointed some of the effects and hardships that the said law would cause to them while going their business.

Alhaji Abdulahi Bello, who said he is a stakeholder in the association stressed that “about 75 per cent of the Okada commercial operators (Express) in the state are students relying on the business to pay their school fees and feed their children, and most of them are working within the restricted hours, from 7pm to maybe 10 or 11pm.

“Some of them are in the University, Polytechnic and College of Education. I am every sure that this law signed by the state government would definitely affect their earnings and make lives more difficult for them, but since government said the purpose is for the security of lives and property we have nothing to do then to comply with the directive”, said.

On his part, Ibrahim Abubakar Dandagoro, added that most the Okada riders collected the bike based on an agreement reached to pay off the sum of N400,000 or N350,000 and take ownership of the motorcycle as popularly called “Hire Purchase”.

According to him, “the law would not only affects their income, but also their effort in paying the money to claim the bike. Remember, if the owner understands that the Bike man would not afford to complete the payment, he may decide to retrieve the motorcycle for him and then leaves him stranded at the detriment of the societal illness, where the Okada man may resolve to stealing or boggling houses to survive since he has no other means for earning.”

Bara’u Ahmed, a commercial cyclist who operates mostly at night between the hours 7mp to 11pm, said he is confused on how he would adjust his timing to meet up with the payment of machine he collected for ‘Hire Purchase’.

“I used to work at night between the hour of 7pm to 11pm and do get N1,500 every day, in fact sometimes if the business is good I made up to N2,000 in one night. But with this law in place, I don’t know how to even start specially that I have not complete paying the balance of the motorcycle in my possession”, he said.

Asking him how much is left to balance the owner, Ahmed said “ I collected the bike at the rate of N350,000 to pay in six months, already I paid N225,000, you can calculate how much left”.

He however, pleaded with government to consider reviewing the time to 10pm to 6am in order to ameliorate the hardships people would face when the law starts on Monday.

NLC chairman in the state, Comrade Hussain Hamisu thanked the government for imposing the law since is meant to protect lives and property of the common man, urging them to also consider health workers and fire service officials in the exempted list for security personnel.

“The health workers and fire service personnel should be included in the exemption, because they are also critical area that needed to be considered: Like the health workers are on shifting and sometimes at night hours probably they maybe called upon for certain emergency to use facilities in the hospital, and most of them have motorcyclist that they use for work.”

He pleaded with government to provide them with certain clearance or pass that will enable them meet up with their duties especially in the night.

Meanwhile, the Police Public Relation Officer, Gambo Isah, however affirmed readiness of police in the enforcement of the law so enacted by Governor Aminu Bello Masari, according to him, the law was introduced no to witch hunt anybody, but to curtail the incessant security bedevilling the state for sometimes.

“this will not disturb any economic activities of the state, because it is temporary ban and of course within shortage possible time if government is satisfy with the security situation of the state will lift the ban. But the most important thing is the security of lives and property so that people can go to place business freely.

“we want to give a holistic approach to the menace of banditry, kidnapping and cattle rustling. And of course, we are on the course, so people should exercise patient and corporate with the police and government to deal with the situation.

“ Our men are very much ready not only to enforce the ban, but to deal with crimes especially banditry activities. Just last week, we’ve received a unit of mobile personnel from Sokoto and two additional units are coming, we’ve also received 6 brand new vehicles with cameras distance coverage of about 100 meters, and we are expecting some armour personnel vehicles here”, he said.

(Culled from Leadership Newspaper)


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