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Home Opinion Is Banning rice importation more important than our lives? – By Usman Mu’awuya
Is Banning rice importation more important than our lives? – By Usman Mu’awuya

Is Banning rice importation more important than our lives? – By Usman Mu’awuya


Is Banning Rice Importation more Important than our Lives?

For the past 2 decades, Nigerians have never been more hopeful on any government than this current administration. Being him formerly known as the man of his words, the President gave us hundreds of assurances that life would be better under his leadership. We were fooled to ignore our elders’ warnings against voting them, we used our hard-earned money to support his campaigns, all with the hope that life would be better.

Top-most reason for voting this government is to ensure the safety of our lives and properties. However, the government seems to be more engaged in other less important agenda i.e. excessive foreign trips, lopsided fight against corruption, and now closure of land boarders among others.

Two days ago, I was on a road-trip on the most dangerous federal road in the North-West, second only to Kaduna-Birnin Gwari Road. Jibia-Kauran Namoda road is 97KM federal road which links Katsina to Zamfara States, the states most-affected currently by arm banditry and kidnapping. To my surprise, only one (1) military and two (2) police checkpoints were on that road.

However, upon arrival at Magamar Jibia – Katsina road which leads to Niger Republic, a 46KM road was heavily guarded by twenty two (22) moderately armed security checkpoints including 3 military’s and 6 police’s. All for what? To prevent rice importation!

Regardless of how many times this government insists on saying it cares about our lives, their actions speak louder than their voices. May be its time to change our perception towards them, may be its time when our states and local governments should be allowed to take care of our security! May God alone protect us as none seems to care about us. Amen!


  1. While I have not been mandated as a spokesman for the security forces, it’s common knowledge that it’s not only rice that’s smuggled accross our border s. In addition it rice , drugs , arms are also moves in large quantities and used to destablise the border States . It’s also common knowledge that even bandits that terrorise us take advantage of our porous border to come in from other climes to terrorise our citizens.
    What’s we security measures take by the Government to secure these borders is this in order


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