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Home Opinion Abubakar Yahya Kusada, an unbelievable Journey to greatness By M S Ingawa
Abubakar Yahya Kusada, an unbelievable Journey to greatness By M S Ingawa

Abubakar Yahya Kusada, an unbelievable Journey to greatness By M S Ingawa


Abubakar Yahya Kusada, an unbelievable Journey to greatness By M S Ingawa 

It’s my pleasure to pen down on the most successful and finest politician of our time, Rt. Hon. Abubakar Yahya Kusada, Member representing Kankia/Ingawa/Kusada Federal Constituency of Katsina State.

It all started in 2015 when the good people of Kusada believed in him and entrusted him with the opportunity to represent him at the State House of Assembly, KSHA, an opportunity that reshaped the future of Kusada LG in no time in terms of political dispensation.

His commitment, dedication and determination earned him a respect of nth order in the House despite the fact that He’s one of the youngest to be in the Assembly then, the speaker saga happened which necessitated the Assembly to start shopping for a new replacement and by the will of God, AbuKusda’s humility among the members attracted him so much recommendation on and off the House and that led to his election as the Speaker, KSHA which he served for 2years.

Kusada LG continued to enjoy even more bigger opportunity with neighboring communities hoping for the same opportunities politically.

God accepted their wish and made him the member HoR, expanding his territory to much more than Kusada LG, a position which he currently holds in Abuja, Nigeria.

He has not been there for 1year but has proved himself to be the best to have ever set foot in the office.

He makes Unemployment, Agriculture, water supply and Education his top priority with him executing uncountable projects to buttress his commitment to the sectors


From 2015 to date, he has secure over 150 appointments for people across Katsina State both permanent and temporary, Direct and Indirect. His zeal to unemployment eradication in the Constituency renewed the hope of undergraduates and graduates including their parents and community men and women.


He has sponsored projects to support farmers of different categories of both rainy and dry seasons with farming machineries to enhance the productivity of agriculture in the region and that has been effective with an obvious increase in the output of agric produces.

Water supply

He secured uncountable new water projects for hundreds of communities in Kankia/Ingawa/Kusada throughout his stay in office and repaired uncountable faulty water projects throughout the Constituency where necessary.


He sponsored trainings to students at different level of examinations and supported students with basic requirements for a tertiary institutions, He set Record as a member HoR with Special Adviser on Students matters, Engr Ahmad S Rurumah which shows how committed he’s to educational Development of his people.

I may be naive of his other doings but with above points, he has proven to be a very good politician which, if given bigger opportunity, would do even unbelievable.

And i hope one day He’d get an opportunity that’d benefit people other than people of Kankia/Ingawa/Kusada as they all have been hoping for.

Mustapha Samaila Ingawa

Twitter: @MSIngawa


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