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Home Opinion Opinion: Katsina State and the fall of standard – By Citizen Yusuf Umar
Opinion: Katsina State and the fall of standard – By Citizen Yusuf Umar

Opinion: Katsina State and the fall of standard – By Citizen Yusuf Umar


It is no longer news that the APC led administration in Katsina has failed to meet up expectation, although there’s is still a small chance to taking decisive action.

Education, Security , Healthcare, Agriculture, Youths Empowerment, Infrastructure and Budgets implementation are nothing to hype and talk about in Katsina State.

When His Excellency, Governor Aminu Bello Masari scrapped the examination fee been paid for final year secondary school students by the; many of us expected a positive turnaround in the quality of the education sector. But instead, in less than 24 months, the education sector in Katsina is at its lowest standards. There is need hence for a RETHINK on how to salvage and reform our education sector – with over 1.3 out of school children. God forbid!!

Fact is, there is no future for any society that fail to educate its citizens. Even with S.A restoration who served for the past 4 years and still counting, there is nothing to take home about on what the APC Led Government RESTORED in Katsina. Don’t get me wrong, I’m PRO-APC, but this is a BITTER TRUTH that must be told.

From the 2016 Budget of Restoration to date, there as many unrealised project implementation than those implemented. Even the implemented ones, many are to the STANDSTILL. Question is, what is the role of our House of Assembly Members on Projects Site Supervision?

Most worrisome is the SECURITY saga. While government have employed reconciliation with armed bandits as a strategy to end the insecurity in our vicinities. But, one can say that the said game plan is yet to produce any viable positive result; because the kidnapping and attacks are still on the spree. With the huge sum of funds being spent on security in Katsina, many are believed to be on the PAYROLL – hence they wouldn’t want the TREND to end easily. I will give you an example here: government made negotiation with a kidnapper, console him and paid him money (some are being paid monthly) while the KIDNAPPED who were defied and molested are left to rot in poverty. What are you really doing, logically?

While there is still time, there is need for government officials at all levels to CUT DOWN GOVERNANCE COSTS. Looking at the recent appointments of number of Special Advisers (SAs) and Senior Special Advisers (SSAs) is nothing but a MISPLACEMENT OF PRIORITIES. Among them are former Chairmen, Members House of Assembly and Councillors, yet they will be taking home monies meant for people on monthly basis without producing any positive result at the expense of the positions they occupy.

It is time to call a spade a spade, we must step up and speak out. It is not just the opposition who should talk, we too shall.

Governor Masari is such a good person we all know. But he appeared to be slow and lame in administration. And the people around him are not helping matters either. Katsina needs help and she need it NOW.

Citizen Yusuf Umar
Writes from Dutsin-ma


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