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Royal family gives son in law gift of horse

Royal family gives son in law gift of horse


Royal family gives son in law gift of horse

The family of Maradi Dauda Kurfi decided to decorated the wedding of their Daughter by given there in law a gift of a horse to maintain there culture, Norms and values which symbolise a power for a man to marry a princess
after a successful wedding fatiha of Zarah and Mubarakh which took place at the palace of Maradin katsina, Kurfi L.G, on 13th December 2019.

A word of advice by her brother Nuradden Dauda Kurfi (yarima) to the groom and the bride is as follows:
“Horse is a sign that your soul is racing its way to consummate the ability to travel the entire universe at will
while horse energy represents your personal goals, ambitions and desires it’s time to hold on tight!

“You, my in law, you are in for the ride of your life together with your wife
the Horse symbolizes personal power; things that we master in our lives, and our natural gifts.

“Horse is a creature of success and self-actualization. When you know what drives you and put that awareness to your life you can get much further and faster than you ever thought.

“Horse is a very helpful spirit animal that helps facilitate spiritual awakening and growth by teaching you how to create symmetry between your desire for independence and your current responsibilities.

“There is a time to rest and a time to run and a lot of living in between. Enjoy the sweet apple that drops from the tree
No matter where Horse takes you, you will always have a sense of balance – of how to ride and not to fall or fail in your duty.

“My in law you have always known to be a man of high value, dignity, respect and a good ambassador of your family. You have a similar characters and values as my sister and that is Why in this whole world, she got no better match than you and vice versa.

“I must say you are half made of each other, you are one of your oneself, the bond u share between yourselves is so special and unique, with a rays of love shining from hearts of both of you through your eyes to each other, both of you are loving and admiring in which I must name this union = CONFLUENCE LOVERS.

“Please u should take a special care of our beloved princess, we know you have been taking care of her, and we trust u will do more, that is why we are entrusting her in your arms.

“We hope you will continue showering her the endless love you have been showing her. she is a very responsible girl with sense of respect. She has high Quest for knowledge, wisdom and understanding, she is indeed an ocean of love, knowledge and caring. She is our princess and the apple to our family. We hope you will keep to your promise, please don’t let her miss the love and care she used to have before with us. I wish you happy married life.

“Hope to see your lovely kids soonest with the girls following the footsteps of there mother and the boys that of there fathers, having such is Having a great and complete family,” he concluded.


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