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Home Opinion New Pilgrims Board: Abdullahi I. Mahuta’s Selling Card — By Maiwada Danmalam
New Pilgrims Board: Abdullahi I. Mahuta’s Selling Card — By Maiwada Danmalam

New Pilgrims Board: Abdullahi I. Mahuta’s Selling Card — By Maiwada Danmalam


New Pilgrims Board: Abdullahi I. Mahuta’s Selling Card — By Maiwada Danmalam

The revelation by His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari, about uncovered racketeering in Hajj operations in Katsina is as unsettling as it could be.

While dissolving the Katsina State Pilgrims Board, Governor Masari was livid with anger responding to last Hajj reports which revealed how members of the board consistent lied to the government about securing decent and convenient accommodations pilgrims beside causing unnecessary hardship to innocent pilgrims usually denied accommodations which were in turn sold to International pilgrims thereby forcing the government to cough out money and pay the accommodations of the deliberately stranded pilgrims. In his words:

“People who didn’t pay through our board are later loaded unto us to accommodate and this has been consistent. International pilgrims will displace our people and we as government are later made to pay for additional expenses. Hajj has been historically marred by politicians, religious leaders and the elites who seemed to be “untouchables”.

This is a sad situation that requires all hands on deck to halt and reverse. Happily, Governor Masari has already taken a bold first step by dissolving the board. Now that the delicate search for a new board has began, it would help to identify candidates who could help change the narrative and bring succor to future Katsina pilgrims.

Not long ago I suggested His Excellency, Governor Masari appoints Hon. Abdullahi Ibrahim Mahuta, former Minority Leader, KTHA and presently his Special Adviser on Legislative Matters, as the new Executive Director of the state pilgrims welfare Board.

The choice of Hon. Mahuta for this sensitive responsibility is not for political but practical reasons. Many readers would easily agree Hon. Mahuta is a combination of the good of the category of citizens Governor Masari accused of historically being responsible for the lapses in Hajj operations — the politicians, religious leaders and elites. He could be said to be the needed antidote that could effectively paralyze and checkmate the so bad of the category as I would explain.

Hon. Abdullahi Mahuta is a POLITICIAN of repute, perhaps, the most respected among his peers or even a scale above if push come to shove. He is a politician who doesn’t believe in or make false promises. His word is his bond in the truest sense of it. He is also among the few politicians I know who are in politics for the only believe they could add value and improve lives of citizens. Very fair and sincere.

Hon. Abdullahi Mahuta is RELIGIOUS LEADER in his own right. Not only he is well versed in the Holy Quran, Sunnah and Fiqh, he is also a very practicing Muslim whose actions are always guided by Islam.

His uprightness is not in question and, he’s never scared to call a spade a spade no matter whose ox is gored. His penchant for accountability and meticulousness to details could only be induced by spiritual uprightness and fear of the day of judgement. He is as sound in mind as in character.

Hon. Abdullahi Mahuta is an ELlTE who has seen it all. He is an accomplished Quantity Surveyor and a successful businessman yet, without the trademark ostentation common with people in his category. He live within his means and people close to him could attest to his frugality and simplicity. Hon. Mahuta is a born leader loaded with all the potentials for success; a very low hanging fruit waiting to be flocked.

It is my sincere opinion that Hon. Mahuta would be an excellent choice for the this sensitive purpose.

May Allah SWT give Governor Masari the wisdom to make the right choice for Katsina State Amin.


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