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Home Opinion Spectacular Representation of Sen. Ahmad Babba Kaita- By Mukhtar El-kasim PhD
Spectacular Representation of Sen. Ahmad Babba Kaita- By Mukhtar El-kasim PhD

Spectacular Representation of Sen. Ahmad Babba Kaita- By Mukhtar El-kasim PhD


Democratic governance is about meeting the yearnings and aspirations of the electorate with whose tunes, politicians dance. Before any politician occupy a position being aspired, promises are made that would motivate people to repose confidence in him and eventually cast their votes for him. However, the Nigerian politics has been characterized with empty promises that never see the light of the day and this situation creates apathy on the part of the electorate, thereby creating suspicion and mistrust between the two parties.

For Senator Ahmad Babba Kaita, the Daura Senatorial Zone Senator, one can beat his chest and say without any iota of doubt or fear of contradiction that the Distinguished Senator is a round peg in a round hole. His exuberance, dedication, concern and zeal to deliver to his promises knows no bound. Certainly, these qualities of his endeared many to see him as the best Senator in the State and one of the best ten Senators in the country.

To buttress this assertion, Senator Ahmad Babba has written his name in gold in terms of employement generation among the teeming youths of Katsina State. It is a common occurrence to read on pages of social media list of people to go for documentation in various public organizations courtesy of the Senator. This effort of the Distinguished Senator goes beyond the constituency he is representing. In fact, it has generated keen competition among other Katsina State National Assembly Members who strive to emulate his contributions in that direction.

Equally worth mentioning is his grassroot touch with the people he is representing. This act is highly commendable to the extent that one willl wonder whether he resides in Katsina State or Abuja. The Senator is always visible at condolences, wedding ceremonies, sympathy visits to mention but a few.

Also, his visibility in the Upper Chamber and active participation in issues that concern people of Katsina State and national development in general is commendable. This is seen in the take off of the Federal Polytechnic, Daura and citing the Northwest Fire Service Institute in Kankia and will remain lasting legacies of the Upper Chamber Member.

Notably, due to his leadership qualities and patriotism, the Senate appointed him to chair its Tertiary Institutions and TETFUND Committee. This is a clear testimony of his relevance in the Green Chamber and his ability to tackle numerous challenges facing the Nigerian Education sector.

Senator Ahmad Babba is blessed with vision and right disposition. This endowment is best demonstrated in his ability to live in peace and harmony, respect his party and party officials, his State Governor and all other elected officials. This, indeed, is a clear testimony of his political maturity and tolerance.

On this note, It can be safely say that Senator Ahmad Babba has rekindled the hope of not only the people of his Constituency but Katsina State at large. It is a firm belief that with this kind of representation, the desired goals will be achieved.


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