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Home Opinion Dr. Tukur Abdullahi Mahuta: Tribute To A Falling Icon – By Ibrahim Dahiru Gambarawa
Dr. Tukur Abdullahi Mahuta: Tribute To A Falling Icon – By Ibrahim Dahiru Gambarawa

Dr. Tukur Abdullahi Mahuta: Tribute To A Falling Icon – By Ibrahim Dahiru Gambarawa


Dr. Tukur Abdullahi Mahuta: Tribute To A Falling Icon – By Ibrahim Dahiru Gambarawa 

It was a cool Wednesday morning while we brace up to face the daily ritual of having to leave home early and return late just to satisfy the age-long routine of making a living. But who cares again which day of the week it is, after all, there will always be another one with the same name.

The prayer is just to be healthy and hearty enough to answer the roll-call of the living. But for a wise one, that is not the case must, what matters most is whether or not he/she will wake-up the following day alive, healthy and hearty? No one knows but only almighty Allah, Lillahi-wahidun-Qahhar.

Around 10:30 pm, 25 of September 2019, we were all sitting at home when Shehu received a phone call from National Hospital where Abba was admitted and kept in intensive care unit (I.C.U.) due to his critical condition. After he dropped the call he whispered to me “kai Abba ya rasu” which means Abba is dead.

We looked at each other in shock, but we had to calm down ourselves at that very time, because we didn’t want others (women) especially Hajia to know what was going on at that very time, because our fear was that if they knew, their reaction will definitely be frenzied and it was already night. Meanwhile, people began to call Hajia’s phone for condolences, not knowing that she was not aware of the situation.

I was overtaken by emotions when the news came to me, even though the inevitable will always take it cause no matter what. We belong to Allah and surely shall we all return to Him someday somehow. A lonely journey everyone must embark on at an unknown time. Only wise one plan for it because we are so preoccupied with the chase of uncertainty, a vicious race of acquisition and materialism that no one has ever reached the finishing line.

Abba’s death was absolutely shocking news that brought tears to my eyes, it made me to remember what it was like to cry. On that dreadful day that Jalla-wa Azza decided it was Abba’s time to return to Him, He took his life away, everyone of us felt the pain, the pain that he had been suffering for a short-while. It harder to come to terms with the thought that life could be without him.

May his humble soul rest in absolute tranquility as we live never to see him again in this world. Abba was a hardworking father, a supportive brother, a compassionate relative, a loving husband, committed civil servant and above all a caring companion to whomever that associated with him. Late Dr Tukur Abdullahi Mahuta, popularly known as “Abba” has lived a full life judging by numerous standards.

Death will not have spared him because of us but the family and his associate will always think of him and will always know that he had been looking after us, keeping us safe, making sure everything goes well in our lives and making sure that we live a good life just like he did.

This tribute with all its grief-weight is in honour of a personality of multiple parts whom throughout his sojourn on earth in all the places he worked and positions held and even right after his honourable retirement was never found wanting. He was a solid pillar upon whom hundreds of lives depend, which I among.

He was a true purist who can best be summarized as a true statement of our time and one man that brought hope to many across the family and sundry. He was, by every respects and by all standards a distinguished patriot who sacrificed all to ensure a lot of lives were touched.

He raised me right up to teenage-hood, so I couldn’t have known him lesser than his biological children. He showed me fatherly care short of nothing ever since I lost my biological father at a very tender age, he held me so close to him and kept me safe so that nothing could harm me.

He taught me many lessons of life, most important one, is to fear the almighty Allah and how to respect values and proud to be who am I and stand with all might to right the wrong. He has been pillar for my life through thick and thin and I give him much respect in return. The man who I adore, he is my hero everyday and forever and he will remain that way.

Late Dr. Muhammad Tukur Abdullahi Mahuta was born in a royal family of Galadancin Katsina on 1st March, 1936 in Katsina by the late Galadiman Katsina Alhaji Abdullahi Sani Mahuta. Dr Tukur begin his early education at central elementary school and middle school katsina in 1944 and 1949, he attended pharmacy school Zaria before he proceed to Norwood technical college, London.

He also attended University of Lagos medical school and Middlesex teaching hospital and Hammersmith, UK. In 1970 he attended post graduate medical college London for further education. Dr Tukur Abdullahi worked in various ministries at state and federal level, he was a civil commissioner in four different ministries under Kaduna state.

He was the pioneer executive chairman Family support trust funds programme and instrumental in the establishment of national hospital, Abuja.

He also received national award and fellow memberships awards. in 2001 former president Olushegun Obasanjo conferred national award of officer of the order of the Niger (OON) on him, he was also fellow, post graduate medical college of Nigeria.

Fellow, west African college of physicians. Fellow, medical college of physicians. Member, Royal college of physicians (U.K) and Member, Royal society of medicine (U.K).

He left one wife and sixteen children and many grand-children. May almighty Allah (S.W.T.) have mercy on his gentle soul. Ameen.

Ibrahim Dahiru Gambarawa


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