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Home Opinion OPINION: The Commander we voted for- By Citizen Yusuf

OPINION: The Commander we voted for- By Citizen Yusuf


It is worthy of noting: Dutsin-ma this time around has the best duo in term of representation – with Hon. Armayau Abdulkadir and Hon. Muhammad Abubakar Khamis at the Federal House of Representatives and State House of Assembly respectively.

While both have already set the ball rolling in touching lives of the electorates, many people are awe with the pace at which the duos are successfully and with ease steering the wheels of the ship.

For Honourable Muhammad Khamis, taking Dutsin-ma to the next level of progress is his watch words; taking bold steps to engaging with people of both birni da karkara, listening to their plight, solving the ones he can at instant, forwarding those he can’t to the hearing of the state executives.

While questions are been asked on whether Hon. Khamis will represent the good people of Dutsin-ma as him being Honourable, Commander or as the reputable Mallam/Sheikh they know, here is a review of what Mallam – The Commander We Voted For will bring in using these titles:

As Honourable:
As an activist, a Comrade who initiated the establishment of the renowned Katsina Students Union now popularly known as NAKATSS both local and national, Hon. Muhammadu helds many titles in his name; most known is when he served as the Amir (Muslims Students Leader) of the Umaru Musa ‘Yaradua University, Katsina.

Hon. Khamis has travelled both national and international in search of knowledge, skills and businesses. As such, he have both the boldness, confidence, expertise and above all an effective communication skill to defend and fight for the rights of his people – the Dutsin-ma.

As Sheikh/Mallam:
Before he joined politics, Mallam Muhammadu was a teacher in public primary schools under LGEA and other Islamiyya schools. He have many Islamiyya schools in his name – the ones he established where knowledge and character are being imparted into children, men and women alike.

Sheikh Muhammad as such, possesses the needed audacity to speaking with a larger group of people anywhere anytime. Hence, Dutsin-ma have no cause to worrying when it comes to possible deliberations and discussion in the state house. Cheers 🥂 😀.

As Commander:
The name Commander is not just due to the Hon. Honourable’s physique and his pitch tones while speaking; he is indeed a commander when it comes to Hisbah – the group expected to promote Islamic virtue, whilst discouraging vice.

Hon. Muhammad is the Commander, Katsina State Hisbah in charge of Dutsin-ma Division.

This is to say that, Commander is rich enough both in mind and spirit coupled with good religious views – a gift very rare to today’s leaders.

Now I say, with Hon. Sheikh Mallam Commander Muhammadu Khamis, Dutsin-ma is in safe hands. It takes only a matter of time as Mallam is always on the fore front to bringing succor to the people he represents.

Citizen Yusuf,
Writes from Abuja, Nigeria.
23rd Oct., 2019


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