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Home Health Warning: 14 Foods You Should Never Eat After Age 30
Warning: 14 Foods You Should Never Eat After Age 30

Warning: 14 Foods You Should Never Eat After Age 30


Good and balanced nutrition is very important for any age even for children. However, as we get older, our body is less and less tolerant of the food which is not nutritious and we just eat it because it is sooo delicious. Our metabolism system slows down with age and makes it much easier to get extra weight. Beside of that, today’s thirties are doing mainly office work, not doing enough sports and if it would not be enough they face with huge stress every day. Combining these factors with the wrong meals can cause serious problems.

We’ve gathered the foods that you might want to avoid after you are over the age of 30.

  1. Sugar

    As metabolism slows, so does the ability to process sugar. Your body deposits all those extra calories in your hips, stomach, and other fat storage areas.

    Excess sugar leads to insulin resistance that may contribute to infertility. Sugar accelerates wrinkles and skin sagging.

    Remember, sugar hides in almost every processed food. But… there are always artificial sweeteners, right? Think again!

    2. Artificial Sweeteners

    Artificial sugars confuse the body by not providing calories and our bodies can’t regulate hunger.

    Artificial sweeteners are associated with cancer. Use may lead to poor insulin response and elevated glucose levels. These contribute to fat storage, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

    3. Alcohol

    Alcohol is full of calories. Since your 30+ body can’t burn them off, those extra calories feed the beer gut. Beer also spikes insulin levels and that is very hard on you.

Alcohol might knock you out, but you probably won’t stay asleep. You’ll weight gain carb and sugar cravings the next day.

You may need coffee. That can’t be bad!

  1. Caffeine

Besides all the extra sugars and chemicals in your latte or cola, the biggest effect is from caffeine’s effect on sleep quality.

 Too much caffeine can be aging since you don’t get your beauty rest. And just like alcohol, too much caffeine can lead to carb cravings. Sneaky carb carvings pack on the pounds.
I’ll have the clear soft drink…

5. Brominated Vegetable Oil
What do the space shuttle and some clear sodas have in common? They both contain brominated vegetable oil (BVO). BVO may cause memory loss, nerve problems, and internal inflammation. If you have thyroid or fertility concerns, you may want to skip the BVO.

You may want to throw together a sandwich to fuel your caffeine and alcohol deprived body. What can be wrong with that and your thirty-year-old body?

  1. White flour

    Remember when wonder bread made the greatest sandwich? Your 30-something body deserves better. White flour is on the no-no list.

    Your body converts white flour into glucose. Glucose is very easily stored as fat. White flour is refined of all the good stuff like fiber. Whole grains are more slowly digested and will help you stay full longer.

    Whole wheat and whole grain breads can be an acquired taste, but it is an important one.

    7. Partially Hydrogenated Oils and Transfats

    Slathering margarine on that whole grain sandwich is hard on your 30-something body. Partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated vegetable oils are hard on your heart. They cause chronic inflammation.

    For men, trans-fats may cause lowered fertility. They also upset hormones and may decrease memory and brain function. Switch to a tiny bit of butter. Your brain and joints will thank you!

    Now, to top your whole grain margarine-less sandwich…

    8. Processed Meats

    No more processed meats or bacon! Nitrates help processed meat look more appetizing. However, nitrates become cancer-causing chemicals in your body. Avoid processed meat with nitrates – even organic nitrate.

    Processed meat is extremely high in sodium (we’ll talk salt next!) and in saturated fats. Since we’ve already talked about fats, know that saturated fats are hard on your heart and your waistline.

    Support that thirty-year-old heart and give up processed meat.

    9. Salt

    Everybody needs salt, but not too much salt. Consider the effects on your 30-something bod.

    Ever notice that fast food makes your rings snug? Your body is diluting the salt, making you bloat. Sodium increases blood pressure and stroke risk.

    Since salt improves flavor, almost every canned or processed food contains a lot of salt. Read labels and be shocked at how much salt is in everything!

    10. Coffee Creamer

    It’s easy and quick. But coffee creamer is awful for you. Coffee creamer can get that nice white color from titanium dioxide. You’ll find it in sunscreens, and it causes liver and tissue damage in mice.

    Creamers are made of trans fats. Trans fats are hard on the heart, joints, brain function, and hormones. Your 30-year-old self needs all the support it can get, so forego coffee creamers.

    11. Microwavable and Canned Meals

    For a busy 30-something, a prepared meal is a blessing. However, a single serving often contains nightmare levels of salt, sugar, and fat.

    You know about salt and sugar. Add in chemical additives and you have a very unhealthy meal.

    Prepared meals generally have less fiber, so they wear off quickly. They can contain MSG to make food taste good! It also increases your appetite.

          Canned food can be full of BPA. BPA causes hormonal imbalances, cancer, infertility, and weight gain.

  1. Condiments

    Mayo, ketchup, soy sauce, and other similar condiments contain a variety of added ingredients that made our top nine foods to avoid over 30. Salt is the biggest culprit.

    Soy sauce is made from fermented soy. Soy has been linked to chronic inflammation and to thyroid. It also contains lots of MSG.

    13. Soy

    Whole, cooked, organic soybeans appear to be healthy. The problem is the soy oils and filler found in practically everything. For a while, soy seemed a miracle food, but further research cast doubts.

    Soy may stimulate breast cancer cells and memory problems. Soy can trigger headaches in some people.

    While science is still out on the safety of soy, you’d be wise to limit your soy additive intake.

    14. Non-Organic Produce

    This is controversial – but consider the hypothesis.

    As a plant grows, it uses the nutrients to grow. The plant doesn’t care where the nutrients come from. Produce can be high in pesticides or pesticide residue.

    The fear is that pesticides will settle out in your body and be toxic. Non-organic food is sprayed with wax and other preservatives as well.

    You probably really don’t need to eat these along with your daily apple.

Food is fuel, and your 30-something body needs good fuel. Make a conscious choice about what you are fueling your body with, and you’ll have a better heart, joints, waistline, and wrinkle factor going forward.

Avoid excess salt, sugar, white flour, alcohol, and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils to keep your body going strong. Remember convenience is not everything, especially when you run the risk of putting “everything” into your body.

The more you know, the better the choices you will make for yourself and your family as you experience the next decade.


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