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Home Opinion OPINION: A society without religion the social system will be in shackle- Mohammed Idris Ruma
OPINION: A society without religion the social system will be in shackle- Mohammed Idris Ruma

OPINION: A society without religion the social system will be in shackle- Mohammed Idris Ruma


In an environment without religion, the first concept to be eliminated is that of family values such as loyalty, fidelity, allegiance, love and respect, which sustain the family are totally abandoned.

It must be remembered that the family is the foundation of society and if the family collapses, so does society. Even the state and the nation have no reason to exist, since all moral values that underpin the state and the nation have been obliterated. In irriligious societies, there is no reason left for anyone to feel respect, love or compassion for anyone else. This leads to social anarchy. The rich hate the poor, the poor hate the rich, anger develops against those who are handicapped or needy. The workers become aggressive towards their employers and the employers towards their workers, fathers turn against their sons and the sons against their fathers.

We can clearly see what are the roots causes of the bloodshed almost everyday in the hands of banditry and informers within our communities in katsina state.
In irreligious societies, values like hospitality, making sacrifices for each other, solidarity, and generosity totally disapear. First of all, people do not value each other as the human beings they are, because they see each other as beigns that that have evolved from monkeys. No one wants to welcome, serve, honour or offer nice things to anyone he thinks has evolved from an ape. People sharing this thought do not value each other, No body thinks about the health, welfare, or comfort of others.

They do not worry about anybody getting hurt nor do they try to prevent such a thing. For instance, in hospitals people who are about to die are left lying on the stretchers for indifinite periods, no one cares about them or people are been chased out of their homes, women and little children are been sexually abused by those who never care to acquire religion knowledge with moral values. Today people only cares about the money they will make. These are few examples that show up in our daily lives, the logic behind this is that people are good to each other only if they can expect some profit in return.

The moral standards of the qur’an however, people value each other as servants of Allah. They do not expect anything in return for a favour, on the contrary they only try to get Allah’s approval by continiously doing good deeds and compete with each other in doing good. The moral values and perfect teaching of religion doctrine is of paramount importance to our daily activities, so keen focus to religious moral value and behaviour.

May almighty Allah continue to protect and guide us and May He continue to bring more peace in our dear communities in katsina state.

Mohammed Idris Ruma (


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