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Home Opinion World Humanitarian Day : Aspire to inspire- By Citizen Yusuf Umar Usman
World Humanitarian Day : Aspire to inspire- By Citizen Yusuf Umar Usman

World Humanitarian Day : Aspire to inspire- By Citizen Yusuf Umar Usman


The WHD is observed every year to pay tribute to the humanitarian aid workers around the world who endanger their lives for humanitarian service as well as to rally support for the people affected by crisis across the world.

This year’s commemoration is for WOMEN who are into humanitarian work – aimed at supporting to do more and also remembering those women who lost their lives in the line of serving others.

Social work, community service and philanthropic aide is vital to having a unity in diversity, love and tolerance to one another. We have seen muslim social workers who travelled thousands kilometres reaching out to christian brethren and vice versa. We have seen young men and women leaving their comfort zones, travelling to areas and locations of insurgency and insecurity to aide vulnerable children and support displaced youths and elderly to come out of socio-psycho comatose. We have witnessed businessmen, politicians and civil servants who humanly dissolve their hard earned income towards the needies and demount communities. They do so with a clean and pure heart, not minding getting anything in return.

These men and women deserved our collective accolades and appreciation, for they are wholeheartedly complementing the efforts our government in providing better lives for Nigerians across religion, tribe and ethnicity.

It is so disheartening to mention that, while these good samaritans work tirelessly to providing our country with a prosperous living; many were killed and this pose a threat and fear to others (especially women) who have the heart, passion and ready to give in their best to serving humanity. We must therefore, while condoling those who lose their lives, appreciates their families and loved ones for bearing the fateful lost.

In this regard however, I must call on people – youths, men and women to get involved into humanitarian service; for there is joy in helping others. To those who are already in the service, should continue to do so, because together we can make the world a better place for us all.


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