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Home Opinion Governor Masari It’s Time To Prove Yourself – By Dikko Muhammad
Governor Masari It’s Time To Prove Yourself – By Dikko Muhammad

Governor Masari It’s Time To Prove Yourself – By Dikko Muhammad


Governor Masari It’s Time To Prove Yourself – By Dikko Muhammad 

During the campaigns leading up to 2015 elections, you visited LGAs of Katsina state and promised Local Government Autonomy. You lamented the unjust arrangement of Joint Accounts operated by the Shema administration.

However, when you assumed office, in your first Town Hall meeting, you justified maintaining the Joint Account because the revenue to the state has woefully reduced and that LGAs could not pay salaries if given autonomy.

There was also a legal tussle between you and the old LGA chairmen you inherited from Shema that you sent home. For all these years, there were no chairmen until you caretaker committees in 2018.

Now that Abuja has given LGAs financial autonomy, it’s time to prove yourself; to show that you’re Dattijo Mai Magana daya as many of us still think you’re. It’s time to settle that case (if it’s still there) between you and those old LGA chairmen so that fresh elections could take place.

I genuinely expect you to allow the LGAs to execute their projects. As someone from a rural area, I know that villages don’t have any developmental projects because we don’t have a functioning Local Governments. It’s quite unfortunate that small cases of drainages, culverts, flooding, cholera outbreaks etc cannot be contained without your signature. It’s time to relieve yourself of this burden.

Finally, may I remind you how you complained of Shema’s looting of Local Governments Joint Account? How they allegedly stole the money “dandas!”? A lot of people now harbor the fear that some Governors would send their errand boys chairmen to take the funds sent by Abuja to their offices.

Please come out and clear this fear by some of us so that we can hold the chairmen responsible in the event of things gone wrong.

Empowered LGAs could initiate small projects that can address the poverty that is forcing many people into crimes. Your Excellency, please prove yourself.

Thank you.

Dikko Wurma Muhammad.


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