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Home Opinion Opinion: A Token Appreciation For SGS Mustapha Inuwa – By Aminu Darma
Opinion: A Token Appreciation For SGS Mustapha Inuwa – By Aminu Darma

Opinion: A Token Appreciation For SGS Mustapha Inuwa – By Aminu Darma


Opinion: A Token Appreciation For SGS Mustapha Inuwa – By Aminu Darma

It takes a special kind of skill to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds at the same time. It also takes a person with special talent to understand politics and practice it to utmost best.

Unarguably, politics is a field that is intriguing and associated with various developmental activities aimed at ensuring good governance prevails.

In the political history of Katsina state, no Governor was blessed immensely by God more than Aminu Bello Masari. Where his predecessors failed; Masari has succeeded with ease. The jumping the second term huddle which gave many past governors headaches and even threatened to consume them, Governor Masari traversed unhurt and even emerged with flying colors.

His success was neither accidental nor left to chances or sheer providence. It was largely Masari’s uncanny foresight and political acumen which saw to the assemblage able lieutenants and team of patriots by the Governor; patriots who smell and breathe Katsina and whose first, second and last goals are to see katsina rise to the pinnacle of its potentials.

Among these great patriots is Alhaji Mustapha Inuwa, the incumbent Secretary to the Government Of Katsina state who once held the same portfolio under late President Yar’adua, then Governor of Katsina State.

True politicians, whether in power or in the opposition, are those who understand the value of political ethics and collaborative engagement which are key to genuine service to the people.

This rare class of politicians sleep and breathe service to humanity. Their insistent and uncompromising concern is always for the betterment of the society. No gainsaying SGS Mustapha is a top candidate for the leadership of the just described community of patriots in Katsina State.

No wonder Governor Masari found him a perfect choice for the highly competitive office of the Secretary to the Government which is somewhat the engine room of the Government. A simple case of a tested peg in the right hole if you like.

That Masari took over at a critical time when experimenting solutions was out of Government’s options all the more, made experience a non-negotiable and necessitous requirement for the critical office of the SGS.

This is a value SGS Inuwa brought a lot to the table. Like or loathe him, Alhaji Mustapha Inuwa knows his onions beside being a master of the game if politics and human management is the game. He’s a seasoned administrator cum politician whose trophies speaks for themselves.

This is evident in virtually all his responses and dispositions in matters of public affairs. The most noticeable aspect of his is his ability to understand the efficacy of power and how contextualize and use it to the fullest to positively impact the society and justify the custodianship of power reposed in him.

By merely reviewing the war against banditry as inherited and subsequently reduced and contained in Katsina State by the present administration, the described administrative excellence of Alhaji Mustapha Inuwa could only be denied by the envious.

Its to his credit that the Defence Headquarters raised a team to visit Katsina State on a fact finding mission to resolve the banditry relapse which, lIke other relapsing ailments, came back with a seeming vengeance. His political acumen contributed immensely to the overwhelming success of the APC in Katsina State both in 2015 and 2019.

A fierce and courageous political leader who’s as rigid when needed to be and flexible when it’s reasonable to be, Alh Mustafa inuwa is an inspiration to aspiring politician and is by far ahead of many in the arena of contemporary politics.

Perhaps, this may explain why he’s some sort of a punching bag for the envious who dissipate their bottled up anger by attacking him unnecessarily; taking advantage of his rare patience to attack his equally rare reputation. That he refused to be distracted and is always on the move from one success to another, says all there’s to say about patience being a requirement for success.

Just as he’s patient, he’s consistent in his beliefs and determination. He fought PDP to the ground and he was at a point the only subject of discussion out in the open and in the deepest recess of the Government House during the reckless days of Barrister Shema.

More than anybody in the Governor Masari cabinet he has performed wonderfully well in the last four years of the Masari administration. S-power beneficiaries in the State can attest to this fact.

It’s simply his nature not to blow his trumpets hence, I chose to celebrate this silent achiever just so he know he’s being appreciated and, of course, to show the true side of him expectedly not being portrayed by his traducers.

This is my modest contribution for a cleaner system that operates on the basis of honesty, sincerity and patriotism.


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