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Home Opinion Opinion: Memoir For Retirement of A Fine Gentle Corp – By Umar Faruk Yakubu, Esq
Opinion: Memoir For Retirement of A Fine Gentle Corp – By Umar Faruk Yakubu, Esq

Opinion: Memoir For Retirement of A Fine Gentle Corp – By Umar Faruk Yakubu, Esq


Opinion: Memoir For Retirement of A Fine Gentle Corp – By Umar Faruk Yakubu, Esq

Sometimes in November, 2018 at the Katsina State Police Command, a meeting was summoned by the state Commissioner of Police, for leaders of all political parties and candidates for the 2019 General Elections to have a discourse for peaceful conduct of the (then) forthcoming general elections.

That Commissioner of Police was Muhammad Wakil (a.k.a. CP Kwaya and now CP Singham as nicknamed by Kano people), the CP assured participants at the meeting that as long as all stakeholders decided to conduct themselves in a matured manner devoid of hate and violence-laded political tantrums, we will have a peaceful elections, at least in Katsina, where he would be the chief police officer during the conduct of the 2019 general elections.

He assured stakeholders that he would not allow his men to interfere with the INEC’s determination to have a free and fair elections that would satisfy the yearnings of all political parties and candidates. This was an assignment that he never had opportunity to perform in Katsina, faith beaconed him to Kano and he had been true to his trajectory.

It was in that meeting that I got to know CP Wakil was seriously against hard drugs as he had repeatedly stated. Just before then, there was a video clip that went viral where the CP was seen dramatising and warning how hard drugs had become a menace to our society and the need to stamp it out, having watched the clip, I, Umar Faruk Yakubu honestly held the illusion that the CP was himself a “drug addict”, low and behold my illusionary perception was cleared and I got to know that CP Wakil was not a fan of “high on drugs”, but he was indeed a jovial old fellow, and he has a strong character that detests way-wardness.

He jokingly manouvered and gestured how he was being referred as CP Kwaya (“CP Drugs”) by his superior officers, he sworn to God before us that he doesn’t “drugs”, in fact, he has a long-attached battle to settle with those that were into drugs.

The CP informed us that he had no reason to compromise the conduct of a free and fair elections, he would soon be retiring from the service, he had sufficiently seen the pitfalls of corruption and that what would he be aiming for at his age when in fact he doesn’t even enjoy the taste of a chicken.

And that he was contented with the little wealth Allah has blessed him with. So, guidelines for credible elections as laid down by our laws were agreed to be maintained by all stakeholders, and hope for peaceful elections were once again rekindled. As preparations for the elections were on top gear, CP Wakil was transferred to Kano.

From what we heard and seen through the media, majority of Kano people had attested to his determination to be fair to all persons, despite alleged attempt by some parties to rig the elections. I am happy for CP Wakil that his integrity had been tested and certified OKAY.

Now this fine gentleman will leave the service of the Nigeria Police, following the fulfilment of the required age of service. I believe that it’s only appropriate for people that have meritoriously served the fatherland to be appreciated for what they have done, and by way of encouragement to the upcoming generation, to find a worthy gentlemen of being a role model. As you bow out to the service, I hereby extend, my last respect to a fine gentleman that meritoriously served Nigeria!

Umar Faruk Yakubu, Esq

Contested for Member, House of Representatives

Under the platform of ANRP in the 2019 General Elections

For Katsina Local Government Federal Constituency


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