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Home TOP NEWS Babba Kaita ‘fights’ Saraki, Shehu Sani over insecurity on the floor of the Senate (Video)
Babba Kaita ‘fights’ Saraki, Shehu Sani over insecurity on the floor of the Senate (Video)

Babba Kaita ‘fights’ Saraki, Shehu Sani over insecurity on the floor of the Senate (Video)


In what appeared to be a misunderstanding, Senator Ahmad Babba Kaita was reported to have an exchange of words with the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki on the floor of the Senate during the plenary on Tuesday.

In a widely circulated video clip seen by Katsina Post, Senator Babba Ahmad was seen trying to counter Senator Shehu Sani’s claim on the number of casualties due to kidnapping and killings by armed bandits on Kaduna-Abuja expressway but he was being prevented by the Senate President.

The Senate President while trying to prevent him was heard citing a section from the Senate order book even while Senator Babba Kaita vehemently disagreed.

Senator Babba Kaita later left the chamber.

However, Senator Shehu Sani later twitted the following: “On Tuesday at the Plenary, a Katsina senator (referring to Senator Kaita) tried to attack me for ‘always standing up to speak on insecurity, kidnappings & killings in the country’, until the SP (Senate President) intervened & affirmed my rights. I didn’t go to the Senate to be silent. Our conscience & convictions are our compass(es).”

But soon after his tweet, Senator Babba Kaita also responded in a write-up he shared and narrated what actually happens.

Click the link below to watch the video:


Bellow is what he wrote:

The bone of contention:

Senator Sani alleged on the floor of the Senate that 40 Nigerians were kidnapped on the Kaduna/Abuja Highway including the UBEC Chairman. I tried to call the attention of the Senate to the danger of peddling unverified figures on the floor of the Senate, in the same manner, it’s being done in “Suya-joints”.

In clear contrast to aimless “Suya-joints” debates, debates on the floors of the National Assembly are always meant to find the best solutions to biting problems concerning the lives of the entire estimated 200 million Nigerians.

No gainsaying the ingredients for debates on the floors of the National Assembly should be verifiable and reliable and the quality of such debates should be uncompromisable to prevent taking decisions that may impact negatively on the lives of millions of people. I intervened in the debate just to prevent Senator Sani from misleading the Senate with figures that were not reliable.

It’s quite probable the Senator was encouraged by SP’ Saraki’s selective application of the senate rules to see my intervention as an ‘attack’ on him otherwise, the same order that permits him to raise the issue was the order I relied on to highlight the deficiency of his account of the events under review but was denied by the SP – even laughably encouraging me “to go educate myself” on rules I’ve been observing successfully for more than a decade.

It beats my how a rookie Senator Sani could be more educated about the Senate rules than the 3rd termer that I am with verifiable experience in both chambers of the National Assembly as SP Saraki seemed inexplicably convinced.

It’s quite unfortunate that an everyday business of the Senate was reduced to a cheap issue of scoring social media points while the real business was denied a holistic appraisal that could lead workable solutions.

If anything, the embarrassing events could only confirm public suspicions that some outgoing members are hell bent on inflicting as much damage as they could on this administration in the few days left to round off the 8th Assembly. This, Insha Allah, will fail as those before it.

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