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Home Opinion Opinion: Why we are an angry generation – By Dikko Muhammad
Opinion: Why we are an angry generation – By Dikko Muhammad

Opinion: Why we are an angry generation – By Dikko Muhammad


Opinion: Why we are an angry generation – By Dikko Muhammad


We are a generation angry with the affairs of our country. We must be angry; we can’t afford not to be. Today, we are left at the mercilessness of bandits and kidnappers. Our fates are reduced to prayers. We languish in helplessness. If we someone survive the dire security situation, our dilapidated infrastructure another trap.

We are angry because the destination of our roads is commonly death. Potholes are daily taking our lives. We can’t afford not to be angry, driving and dodging these holes while we have one of the lavished political structure. The money gulp by the Senate and HOR in one year is enough to save all those thousands of lives we lost every on our roads.

We must be angry. We have every right to be when our education stunts grow, discourage innovation and frustrate creative minds. We are angry because this educational system has failed to address our needs. It merely teaches us how to become a robot. Nothing more.
Yes, we are angry. We are angry for having the most unproductive and unfocused population. We are yet to tap the advantages of population as done by China and India.

We must be angry when our agricultural system still remains as it was in the last 70 years. We till the land with the hoe and plant with our legs! Yes, with our legs, on the 21st century. That’s the case because the money for mechanizing the system has been stolen by a greedy political class with banks, business class as their accomplices.

We are angry. We must be angry. How could we not be when as the Chinese landed on the other side of the moon, we have failed to realize the 4-year plan of pencil production by 2019.

We are an angry generation. We are angered by the failing system, corrupt bureaucracies and inefficient polity. We are a case study of failure. We are a perfect definition of everything that refuses to work. Inefficiency is our brand. We are angered. We only need to convert the anger and confront this system.
Dikko, 2019


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