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Home Opinion Opinion: Katsina Must Not Plunged – By Dr Sani Fari Abdu
Opinion: Katsina Must Not Plunged – By Dr Sani Fari Abdu

Opinion: Katsina Must Not Plunged – By Dr Sani Fari Abdu


Opinion: Katsina Must Not Plunged – By Dr Sani Fari Abdu

Our Katsina is a home to an ancient civilization built on Knowledge production that initiated and propelled the existence of many famous institutions.

Our Katsina is a fortress of learning that has produced scholars and standard curricular in the pursuance of knowledge and skills acquisition; the hub of modern administrative inbred professionals and excellent leaders whose ancestral traces linked to incredible realities centuries ago. Katsina, our very own Katsina, has passed on to their descendants, the task of upholding the flag of greatness.

Our Katsina is a center for discourse formation and informed strategy that efficiently shaped the polity of an entire nation of close to 400 different but important ethnicities mulled together for peaceful and harmonious coexistence, driven by passion and enthusiasm to uphold the country’s honour and glory.

Katsina’s prayers are constant and ever increasing in devotion and total submission to the doctrines of divine injunctions owing to the acknowledgement and surrender to the oneness of the Super Being for guidance and spiritual attainment.

Our very own Katsina is a home to contemporary class of scholars in all fields, who have excel in all areas and who lead the congregation wherever they are found, proven their invincibility in all affairs, carrying all along in demonstrating the highest signs and wisdom of inbuilt leadership traits, while being ever grateful to their ancestral diligence and particularly to the Most-High for such a divine gift, a gift so rare to be the best and to lead the rest.

This is our Katsina, a colossal empire in the history of Africa that held and still holds on to its centuries old tradition of super performance in education, economy, internationalization and leadership. But alas! I cry because she is gradually mislaying and wearing out of the long identifying factors to its greatness; bowing to and accepting mediocracy through insensible submission to gullible representations as opposed to maintaining quality, integrity and sincerity that she was known for in centuries. This attitude spells a miserable trend to its locus in the league of states.

Our proud Katsina is shivering. We are in a situation in which materialistic attainment above intellect receives accolade, edges us to near end. Possessions are minute in percentage in comparison to intellect in relation to shouldering responsibility and delivery of the desired arrowhead/leadership styles of any sane movement, while the former is just a means of solving instant urge to only few, the latter slowly but surely liberates a whole nation through guidance and illuminates the path towards self-reliance and sustenance.

A rethink is mandatory and inevitable to reposition and revitalize the critical thinking of the populace towards reorienting the minds of all; of reviving the glory being eroded, to curtail the menace that plunged dear Katsina into the atmosphere of lost, with a view to proactively galvanize the efforts of all sons and daughters regardless of being affiliated to one ideology or the other, to galvanize our collective efforts, to salvage Katsina as the home of hospitality is mightier than all. That is our common concern, which may warrant the sacrifice of business, religious, traditional, academic and politicians and common people alike. Emphasis, Katsina deserves the best.

God bless you all!

Allah rayan jahar Katsina


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