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Home Opinion 2023 : As Buhari set for retirement – By Yusuf Umar Usman
2023 : As Buhari set for retirement – By Yusuf Umar Usman

2023 : As Buhari set for retirement – By Yusuf Umar Usman


2019 presidential elections have gone back and forth, leaving much to be discussed and analyzed as President-Elect Muhammadu Buhari have no chance whatsoever again to be in the State House comes 2023.

The questions with much needed answers right at the moment are not limited to: who will be able to succeed the Nigerian Mandela in terms of track record of doggedness, tenacity, resilience to fighting corruption and indiscipline, clean record, uprightness, integrity and most importantly; the popularity and prominence to garner much TRUST and LOVE from all and sundry – a modul to help other politicians become VICTORS under his guise.

Fact is, 2023 will be a real period of time where Nigeria will witness lots and loads of retirement from politics as there would no Buhari to side with in doing SAK using his earned trust by the poor citizens.

There would be NO Buhari to raise one’s hand as a sign of “This is my candidate vote for him”. There would be NO Buhari to tour the 36 States (including FCT) lobbying over 60 million youths to vote for a particular candidate. What would certainly remain in 2013 is track records, integrity and worthiness & ability of individual politicians to contest and win elections on their own.

Some would ask: what would be the FATE of the APC North when the said Mr. Integrity retires from politics comes 2023. Now, here is the simple analysis to those who will still BELIEVE in the APC party as at that time: APC will field a Christian Yoruba Candidate from the South to be deputized by a Muslim Hausa Candidate from the North. Hence, to those who play politics of religion, ethnicity and bigotry by saying they only CAN support a Muslim Presidency will laugh and snicker at themselves when their own Saint Party made that combination. If by luck, the fielded candidates made it to 29th May 2023 and perform wonderfully well, then Zoning system will surely return a Northern Muslim President comes 2027 with possibly a Christian Ndigbo from the South.

Therefore, it is imperative to say that; 2023 will with sureness uncovered the insidious and devilish nature of our clerics in Imams and Pastors who uses God’s words in misleading and dividing the nation through excess religious hate speech.

Only the gullibles and true democrats will at that moment supports the continuity of PMB’s foundation of a better and more prosperous Nigeria to the #NextLevel.

But until then, we keenly await to see the impact this #PresentLevel will bring us to decide whether even after PMB’s retirement we will continue with the APC in another #NextLevel.


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