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Home Latest Acute Kerosene scarcity hits Katsina
Acute Kerosene scarcity hits Katsina

Acute Kerosene scarcity hits Katsina

The Guardian leant that the product has been in short supply for over a period of time, making it difficult to be sourced even in the black market.A visit to major filling stations in the metropolis, including Shema, AA Rano, Danmarna showed that the product hasn’t been sold for several months.The Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) mega station in the outskirts of the state capital also lacks supply of the product.

But a source close to the mega station alleged diversion of the product to black marketers to make quick money. The scarcity has forced consumers to resort to gas cookers as alternative, while those who are unable to afford gas have adopted charcoal, or firewood for cooking.

Those who spoke with our correspondent appealed to the government and stakeholders to ensure that the product is made available within the shortest time possible.

Despite the scarcity, the official price for DPK in the state stood at between N205 to N225 per litre, and between N370 to N500 per litre in the black market.Efforts to get the reaction of the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) in the state were unsuccessful, as concerned officials were unavailable.



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