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Home Politics Tata’s letter to Buhari: Katsina is not a cash-and-carry state, Youths replies Tata
Tata’s letter to Buhari: Katsina is not a cash-and-carry state, Youths replies Tata

Tata’s letter to Buhari: Katsina is not a cash-and-carry state, Youths replies Tata


A pro-Samaila Isah Funtua group, PMB/Abu Sama Progressive Youth Organization, has described Umar Tata’s Letter to President Buhari as “full of libellous statements, unfair accusations and inaccurate submission.”

Tata had, in an open letter, urged President Buhari to intervene in the current political tension in the APC of the state informing the president his son in-law, Abubakar Samaila Isa Funtua is locked in a needless fight with the incumbent governor Aminu Bello Masari.

The coordinator of the group, AU Ibrahim Funtua in the rejoinder, described Tata’s Letter as “defective writing techniques characterized by disjointed, illogical and poorly constructed sentences.

Below is the unedited version of the letter:

By: AU Ibrahim Funtua

Our attention has been drawn to a recent open letter by one Umar Abdullahi Tsauri popularly known as Tata which has been published by the Katsina Post, an online news medium, and has now been circulated by other online websites and blogging groups.

The letter was full of libelous statements, unfair accusations and inaccurate submissions. Ordinarily, this would have been best ignored, but for the weighty of the matter and the persons involved, we deem it necessary to give a reply. Secondly, we are however constrained to write on the account of the severe implications of the accusations made and especially the show of utter disrespect for elders and lack of good manner as characterized in the letter. One will not fail to observe that the author is grossly defective in letter writing techniques as the letter was characterized by disjointed, illogical and poorly constructed sentences.

In the letter, he asserts that, His Excellency, Malam Abubakar Ismaila Isa, is locked in a needless fight with Governor Aminu Bello Masari, apparently referring to the lawsuit filed before the Federal High Court in Abuja challenging the process that produced the governor as the APC gubernatorial flag bearer in 2019. Although, His Excellency, Abubakar Ismaila has the constitutional right to challenge the dubious process in court, but, to the best of our knowledge, the suits were filed by Alhaji Garba Sani Dankani who is also a gubernatorial aspirant and Muhammad Sada Mainasara, a senatorial aspirant of the APC in Katsina central senatorial zone. The duo dragged APC as a party because it did not conduct the primary election according to the stipulated guidelines, electoral act and APC constitution where it was clearly provided that if the party is going for indirect mode of primary election, the delegates must be elected through democratic process. The plaintiffs are also challenging INEC in court for accepting the Katsina state APC primaries results.

In the letter, he called the attention of President Muhammadu Buhari to call His Excellency Abubakar Ismaila Isa to order, stating that “if Abubakar Ismaila Isa wins, the world will accuse Mr. President of abusing his office by forcing his son-in-law as governor in the state”. This is an ill-informed statement by somebody who thought (and may be still thinks) becoming a governor in a state like Katsina is a venture to be traded with cash. Mind you, Katsina State is not a cash-and-carry state.

To make the record straight, His Excellency Malam Abubakar Ismaila Isa has been in the race to occupy the Katsina state government house since 2011, exactly four years to the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari as Nigeria’s President in 2015. And, who tell you Mr. President can descend so low to impose on people (like what your new boss recently did), a person he so much attaches himself to, or, one that is bound by marital relationship?

Also in the same letter, Umar Abdullahi Tata stated that “Governor Masari has worked himself into the hearts of the people that he is the one through whom Almighty will use to deliver Mr. president” What a big lie! Your History teacher will be seriously ashamed of you and you need to consult your physician to check whether you are suffering from amnesia.

The writer also mentioned that “Within just three years, things have changed dramatically and they are no longer they were in 2015”. For the record, let me quote for you how Masari described PMB when APC, Katsina state chapter, received in audience, the National Vice-Chairman of APC, North-west, Mr. Inuwa Abdulkadir around January, 2017, “…everybody knows our leader; he doesn’t need any polishing either in Nigeria or outside…” . However, on August 23, 2016 when Chief Olusegun Obasanjo paid a courtesy visit on Governor Darius Ishaku, he was quoted as saying “…I was astounded by media reports quoting me to have said that I and a few other persons brought President Buhari to power to save Nigeria. I never said that because it is not true. Nigerians voted overwhelmingly for the president and we are all witnesses to that fact. No single person or group can claim that glory…”

It is like the writer is either lost or is being economical with the truth, we are all living witnesses when President Muhammadu Buhari appealed to the people of Katsina state to kindly support and vote for Aminu Bello Masari as governor, the time when vast majority of electorates were thinking otherwise. Even the APC delegates were thinking of nominating different candidate to fly the flag of the party before Buhari himself appealed for calmness and canvassed support for Masari.

Looking back at 1999 through 2015, Katsina state has witnessed tremendous growth economically and socially. When Governor Aminu Bello Masari took over, Katsina populace expected sustainability in all the sectors of the state economy, but reverse is the case today.

For instance, in education sector, the previous administration introduced free payment of SSCE fees to all indigenes and residents of the state, but, the current Governor without convincing justification stopped the policy. The stoppage deprived hundreds of thousands of students the opportunity to further their education. They couldn’t enjoy the gesture, the consequences of which resulted in large number of drop-out, because, their parents couldn’t afford the exam fees.

The same treatment goes to health sector where the governor stopped all the inherited free health services such as the free drugs given to sickle cell patients, mobile ambulances and free first aid treatment for accident victims across the state.

Economically, the governor has deprived Katsina State citizens employment opportunities, because, many investors who usually come to the state with the sole aim of establishing companies could not get His Excellency’s cooperation because that is not his priority.

Similarly, civil servants in the state are not finding it easy as over 500 workers have been unjustly sacked in the name of absconding without due diligence. Despite the intervention received by the state from the federal government, the Governor is yet to settle all the accrued gratuities and other benefits of retired civil servants. All these are in contrast to the change agenda of President Muhammadu Buhari where the President is trying hard to settle all the entitlements of the federal workers he inherited from the previous administrations.

In terms of infrastructural development, the president has embarked on a mission of completing all the projects he inherited from the previous administrations. But, sadly and regrettably, in Katsina State, Governor Aminu Bello Masari has destroyed good legacies left by the previous administrations, all in the name of the so called restoration agenda.

Whereas, the President is considering the whole nation as his constituency as enshrined in the constitution, the reverse is the case in Katsina State where the Governor has sidelined a section of the state. Even within his senatorial district, projects that are meant for the zone are now located in the federal constituency where he hails from, including appointments.
In spite of disappointing the President in various ways, the Governor who cannot present any meaningful project commissioned by his administration is now desperately in need of the same 2015 endorsement by President Muhammdu Buhari in 2019. The President’s busiest commitment, focus on critical national issues and effort at salvaging the country from the rots you and your sponsors put the country into, is more important to us now.

We urge Mr. President to remain resilient and refuse the temptation of moneybag politicians whose interest is to ride on his popularity to get to the top echelon for their personal gains. President Buhari will in sha Allah remain unshakable and neutral in Katsina politics, no matter whose ox is gored. Your baseless accusations against the personality of the President, Malam Ismaila Isa Funtua and Malam Mamman Daura in the open letter would never deter us from fighting for the soul of our dear state.

We are actually not surprise by Governor Aminu Bello Masari’s attitude toward President Muhammdu Buhari as this is not the first time. We are all living witnesses when late President Umaru Musa Yaradua, the then governor of Katsina state of the blessed memory worked for the emergence of Aminu Bello Masari as the speaker of the federal house of representatives in the year 2003 when the then ruling party (PDP) allotted the position of the speakership to Katsina state, when there were highly competent people of high caliber like Dr. Usman Bugaje, Late Dr. Aminu Safana and Dr. Garba Shehu Matazu who were better suited for the position. But, for his magnanimity, Malam Umaru Yaradua endorsed Aminu Bello Masari as the speaker.

On clinching the exalted position, Masari with the aid of unpatriotic Nigerians introduced joint-account bill and passed it into law. This law has helped tremendously in crippling local governments in Nigeria. He equally spearheaded the passage of onshore/offshore dichotomy which unfairly allocated national resources on the international waterways to some states, in deviance to the international best practices, and without minding the consequences of the action. This shows his lack of foresight and leadership qualities.
When in 2007 Aminu Bello Masari lost the PDP governorship ticket to Ibrahim Shema, he turned against President Umaru Musa Yaradua, upon all the favors he had done to him, to the extent of even leading a protest in Abuja demanding for his resignation due to illness at that time.

For Umar Abdullahi Tsauri, Tata, who is a new entrant in the APC, he has no moral authority to challenge the personality of President Muhammdu Buhari and that of His Excellency Malam Abubakar Ismaila Isa. Tata has never been a politician as he was just an ‘errand boy’ of the then Vice-President, Namadi Sambo who sponsored him in 2015 for a purpose.

It is thus imperative to note that, Malam Abubakar Ismaila Isa has never been sponsored or directed by anybody whatsoever to contest for any position in the land. He is doing so because he has the constitutional right to seek for any political office in the country. He has been in the contest for the governorship of Katsina State for so many years even before President Buhari emerged as the President of the country. It is therefore, greatly unjustifiable for anyone to accuse the President for trying to impose on people Malam Abubakar Ismaila Isa, his son-in-law, as governor of our state.

I so submit,
A.U Ibrahim Funtua
PMB/Abu Sama Progressive Youth Organization

Comr. Adams Oshiomhole, APC National Chairman
Asiwaju Bola Ahmad Tinubu, APC National Leader
Malam Mamman Daura
Malam Ismaila Isa, OFR


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