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Home Opinion Act like a father to all, Umar Tata writes open letter to President Buhari (Read)
Act like a father to all, Umar Tata writes open letter to President Buhari (Read)

Act like a father to all, Umar Tata writes open letter to President Buhari (Read)


– After decamping to APC, Umar Tata writes open letter to President Buhari 

– Act like a father to all, Umar Tata writes open letter to President Buhari 

The Katsina State popular politician and philanthropist, Alhaji Umar Abdu Tsauri popularly known as Tata has written a long open letter to President Buhari asking him to act like a father to all APC members in the state.

The former two-times Katsina gubernatorial aspirant in the letter urged the president to intervene in the current political tension in the APC of the state in relation to his son in law – Abubakar Samaila Isah Funtua who dragged the party to Court of Appeal seeking the cancelation of APC primaries that produced Governor Masari as its candidate for the 2019 election.

Below is the open letter unedited:

Mr President You Need To Hear This! An Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari.

Sir, this is a letter I am writing to you with the best of hope that it will change something. I, by this letter, am seeking to promote your father figure image that I find under assault rather than submitting to cronyism even if I may be misunderstood. Not long ago I was in PDP and what I am about to caution you about is potentially explosive which only you can stop. I would have celebrated this had it been I am still in PDP but I am in APC today and I will not let it happen if I can stop it. I hope this letter, therefore, stops it.

Sir, everybody within the APC family in Katsina sees you as a father to whom we conversely expect commensurate appreciation in seeing every APC member as your child. While it is true you are a father to us all, unfortunately you have not shown that we all are your children. If not so how can a father take side when two of his children are faced in an unnecessary duel and be called fair and just? How can a father look the other way when his children are locked in a needless battle and be called a father at all?

Sir, in Katsina, we have a Governor, who by Allah’s grace rode to power in 2015 by the change that almighty brought through you. Today, in 2018, the same Governor has worked himself into the hearts of the people that he is the one through whom the same almighty will use to deliver you! This may be hard for you but it is the truth. Within just three years things have dramatically changed and they are no longer as they were in 2015. This is the sordid reality that you are either unaware of or you don’t want to hear. In 2015 you scored 1.3 million votes in Katsina state. This base has significantly shrunk by almost 40% today due to so many reasons that space will not allow me to bring here. While our target is not to only beef up this number back to its 2015 form, we need to multiply it to 2.6 million in 2019 to block what we may likely lose in hostile states that you easily won in 2015. This should be our concern but alas you are not helping us in Katsina to achieve this for you.

Sir, currently your son in-law and a son to your friend, Abubakar Samaila Isa Funtua is locked in a needless fight with the incumbent governor Aminu Bello Masari. He has serially shown total disregard and outright contempt to the personality of Aminu Bello Masari at every little opportunity he finds. This we believe he is doing either with your tacit support or with the support of those close to you since it is an open knowledge that his father, who is a member of the ‘cabal’ is the one nudging him on. Ironically this relationship to you is the only qualification that he thinks qualifies him to seek to rule Katsina state, other than that he is not only an unknown quantity in Katsina state but we would have mowed him down for the small boy he is. Still Aminu Bello Masari is taking his punches silently because of you while you and the people close to you, including his father, are looking the other way!

He is currently in the Court of Appeal seeking to upturn the result of the primary election that he did not participate in. I don’t know to what good he is pursuing this path. Does he think if, God forbids, he wins in court it will help your cause for reelection? What is more important to him, his success or your success? Or is he thinking that the two can be achieved at once, one for the father and the other for the son, because we are a state of zombies? Is there nobody around him with the sense of right and wrong to put an end to this malady?

Sir, it is not in your interest that at each election period your party ends in court and this time around it is with your son in-law. It happened in 2007. ANPP lost! It happened in 2011. CPC lost! The only time it did not happen was in 2015. APC won but each time it happens your party loses and it is happening all over again now. Is that what you want Sir? Nobody has the responsibility to respect you and protect your honour and integrity more than Abubakar, being married to your daughter, but he is the one destroying it. Unfortunately, it is Masari who, though a no blood relation of yours, that is doing what those you call yours are not doing. Spending his money to sustain your political structure, taking punches in your name, defending you at every fora and putting you first above himself. To sustain this and encourage others, including a new convert like me, he needs your appreciation and encouragement not vilification from your children.

I don’t know what Abubakar wants but I do not see a way for him in this farce. It is a lose lose situation for him. If he wins in court the world will accuse you of abusing your office to force your son on Katsina and he will lose, and if he loses in court it is the son of the president that lost and by extension the president himself. Either way I see no way for him in this.

Based on the above, I wish to call on Mr President to act as a father, not only to Abubakar but equally to Aminu Bello Masari and the entire APC family of Katsina state by calling his son to order so that peace can reign in Katsina before we draw out our daggers, something we have restrained ourselves from doing! The court case should be stopped forthwith and Abubakar be directed to come and join hands with us for the success of Mr President and the APC government instead of this unnecessary distraction.

I humbly submit Sir.

Cmrd Adams Oshiomole APC National Chairman
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu
Malam Mamman Daura


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