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Home Opinion Opinion: Concession Remark after the Primary Election- By Ahmed Adamu
Opinion: Concession Remark after the Primary Election- By Ahmed Adamu

Opinion: Concession Remark after the Primary Election- By Ahmed Adamu


I didn’t win the Primary Election. I could have chosen to blame it on some nasty political slanders, betrayals, envies, selfishness, greediness, and traditionalism, but I chose not to point finger of blame at anything or anyone, I submit everything to Allah (SWA). I know if Allah had destined that I will win, no force or group of people can deny it for me, but Allah has already decreed that it is not for me this time around, so I totally accept it as Allah’s will, and it is for the best.

Therefore, I hold no grudge or ill feeling against anyone, and I don’t blame anyone. It was not because we fall short in our efforts or because of other political reasons, it is Allah’s will, and I accepted it with good faith. I thank Almighty Allah for this outcome and for the worthwhile experience. Whatever Allah decreed is for the best.

I would like to sincerely thank the delegates that voted for me, we might not have been successful for now, but I can assure you this is a step further to a bigger success. To the delegates that didn’t vote for me, I thank you too, and I know you must have had a conviction for your choice. I congratulate you. I also congratulate my opponent for his victory, and I wish him well and best of luck.

Coming down to my partners in this project, I don’t know how to face you, and I don’t know how to express my sincere gratitude to you. You trusted me with unyielding confidence and you stood by me, you contributed your hard earned money for this campaign. This campaign was fully and unconditionally sponsored by you. You bet on me even when we were not certain of victory. Some of you, I haven’t met you yet. I will never forget you in my life, I have marked your names and your faces. Thank you so much.

I would like to thank our teaming supporters across the world for the confidence you have on me, you asked me to come forward to serve you, and together we have done our best in the last 12 months. I know how shocking this was to you, we never thought our journey will be stalled this early, but it is not the end of it, we will keep trying and moving.

I know how hard it is for us to embrace this, but we have to be brave. It is a true test of our readiness for the battles ahead. I was told some of you overreacted, some cried, some fell sick, it is ok, but let us put it behind us and learn from it. At the time we lost the election, I was only worried about you, how will I face you? and how will you feel about it? This loss is not for me alone, it is for thousands of our supporters across the world, and it is a loss to the party and to the people of Katsina State and Nigeria at large.

Some political parties have started inviting me and offering me ticket to contest, but I still resist. I think we are not greedy for power, when our time comes we will get it wherever we are. Our project will continue, we don’t necessarily need to have a position to contribute to humanity, we can do a lot even without politics. In fact, one of my friends has been advising us to think of how we can do more for the society outside the politics. With the faith we have on each other, we can do great things.

I don’t want this experience to discourage other emerging young and promising politicians, it is part of the struggle, in fact failure teaches you more, and it is an asset. Don’t be discouraged. We need more competent hands in the politics, we have to take responsibility and actively engage in politics, especially at grassroots. We cannot be sitting on the fence and reacts to situations, we have to come down in the arena and change things ourselves. You have to involve in political parties, and become executives of the parties, that is when you can really become relevant and influence governance. I acknowledge that our political processes need to be reformed, but we can’t reform it from the outside.

While contributing to societal development, I will also continue with my career as a University Lecturer and Leadership and Personal Development Expert, I will channel my energy, creativity, and innovations in building people, who will in turn build the nation. Nations cannot make people great, it is the people that make nations great, so to develop, we have to build and invest on the people.

I thank everyone who contributed in one way or the other in this journey, especially my campaign teams, thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you once again.

Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta.

Aspirant for Federal House of Representatives (Katsina Central Federal Constituency) under PDP, 2019 Election.
Petroleum Economist,
Leadership and Development Expert,
First-Ever Global President of Commonwealth Youth Council,
University Lecturer (Economics),
08034458189, 08188949144,


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