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Home Latest 11 tourism sites and destinations in Katsina
11 tourism sites and destinations in Katsina

11 tourism sites and destinations in Katsina


1. Durbar Celebration: The Durbar reflects the state’s cultural and historical dignity. It is a significant royal display of horsemanship mainly organized to mark important occasions and Sallah festivities. The Durbar is characterized by royal horsemen, dances and gorgeous – horses, trumpeters led by the Shehu, Emirs, District heads and other traditional title holders as the case may be.

2. Katsina City Gate: Katsina city gate is a tourist attraction because of the wall that surrounds it with its seven different gates. The wall was built about 900 years ago during the reign of King Murabus.

3. Emir’s Palace, Daura: These palaces are tourist attractions because of their unique architectural structures. The palaces which were constructed with traditional building materials depict northern Nigeria’s traditional architectural designs dated as far back as the early 19th Century.

4. Gobarau Minaret: The minaret which was said to have been built about 300 years ago was built of baked clay and mud and has been a thing of wonder to the inhabitants of the city. Legend has it that in those days, because of its height, it was used for surveillance purposes from where warriors could see enemies advancing on the ancient city.

5. Jibia Holiday Resort: Birnin Kudu is noted for the presence of rocks, fascinating is the ancient paintings on these rocks. The different paintings are eloquent information on the styles of the early settlers in the area.

6. Emir of Katsina Palace: The palace of Emir of Katsina is built in unique traditional architectural designs which attract tourists. It is decorated in white and green paints depicting national colors. The colorful festivities and Durbar on Salah days continue to attract thousands of tourists both within and outside the country.

7. Kusugu Well & Legendary Bayajida Sword: “Kusugu” is where a giant snake called “sarki” was killed with a sword by Bayajida in the 10th century AD because the snake only allowed Daura people then to draw water from the well once in a week. This heroic act by Bayajida made Daurama -the reigning queen of the time- to marry Bayajida who came from the middle east. The well and the sword are still intact and can be seen by tourists.

8. Katsina city Walls “Ganuwar Amina”: The wall in Katsina was built during the reign of Sarki Ali Murabus in the 15th century and seven gates associated with the wall are Kofar Yandaka, Kofar Guga, Kofar Kaura, Kofar Durbi, Kofar Sauri and Kofar Kwaya.

9. Old Katsina Teacher’s College: Built in 1922 with red-baked city mud and clay, this is the oldest teachers training college in the northern part of Nigeria and the college has produced prominent Nigerians like the late Prime Minister, Sir. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and the Late Premier of Northern Nigeria Alhaji Sir, Ahmadu Bello as well as many others.

10. Mairuwa & Ajiwa Holiday Resorts: The holiday resorts of Mairuwa and Ajiwa lakes sites in Funtua and Katsina have recreational facilities for water sports such as boating, fishing, swimming etc.

11. Dan marina Tomb: This is a grave of the celebrated saint Dan marina, the famous 17th to early 18th-century scholar.


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