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Home Latest 2019 Elections: I will reset Katsina back to Late Yar’adua’s plan – Arch. Ahmad Aminu
2019 Elections: I will reset Katsina back to Late Yar’adua’s plan – Arch. Ahmad Aminu

2019 Elections: I will reset Katsina back to Late Yar’adua’s plan – Arch. Ahmad Aminu


– 2019 Elections: I will reset Katsina back to Late Yar’adua’s plan – Arch. Ahmad Aminu 

– I will build Katsina on the foundation laid by Late Yar’adua – Arch. Ahmad Aminu 

A PDP gubernatorial aspirant for the upcoming 2019 general elections in Katsina State, Arch. Ahmed Aminu Yar’adua said that he will reset Katsina back to Late Yar’adua’s plan if elected to be the state governor come 2019.

Architect Aminu Yar’adua, who is a cousin to the late President Ummaru Musa Yar’adua, stated this when he was a host to an interactive session organised by the Katsina Leadership Forum where aspirants for various political positions are engaged in Katsina.

During the engagement session, architect Ahmad also revealed his three (3) main agenda through which he will transform the state if he succeed in becoming Governor.

According to him, if elected, he will accord priority to commercial agriculture in order to reduce abject poverty, give education the full attention it deserved and give rural dwellers a sense of belonging.

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“As far as agriculture in our country is not profitable, we will never get out of poverty; only agriculture can guarantee employment opportunities to people, regardless of qualification.

“My mission and vision is to effectively address unemployment, under-employment and non-employment by ensuring that people have something doing to earn a living”. He said.

He further stressed that “A responsible government should prioritise agriculture to address many issues such as abject poverty, youth unemployment and bring contentment to the life of the citizenry.”

Aminu-Yar’adua, an Architect by profession and a retired civil servant who rose to become Permanent Secretary, was also Secretary to Katsina State Government and later Director-General, Inland Waterways during the late President ‘Yar’adua’s regime.

The aspirant said he would also give education the full attention it deserved, stressing that he would project the image of Katsina State, especially the education sector.

He expressed regret that his late cousin, as governor of Katsina State, had introduced an education master plan that was not executed.

He also promised to ensure rural development, to give rural dwellers a sense of belonging and to avert rural-urban migration.

“People migrate from villages to urban centres because of the absence of amenities, hence the need to provide amenities in the rural areas to give them a sense of belonging.”

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On infrastructural development, Aminu-Yar’adua said he would revamp the late Yar’adua’s infrastructural development programme.

“Almost 90 per cent of the infrastructural development achieved by late Umaru Musa Yar’adua’s administration had made an impact when I was Director, Building in the Ministry of Works, then Permanent Secretary in the same ministry.

“I believe if given the chance, I will build on the solid foundation laid by Yar’adua to bring more development to Katsina State.”

He also promised to coopt youths in to his government for the purpose of mentorship to the task ahead being them the leaders of tomorrow.

On the issue of Katsina State Transport Authority (KTSTA), the state former permanent secretary in the ministry of Works Housing and Transport said he was part of the committee that established the authority and promised to revamp it back to its old glory days.

He stressed that the KTSTA being one of the state’s intervention that is benefiting the masses directly, it is a shame how the current administration reduced it to a shadow of it self.


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