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Home Opinion S-Power: Katsina State government deserves a pat on the back – By Aminu Darma
S-Power: Katsina State government deserves a pat on the back – By Aminu Darma

S-Power: Katsina State government deserves a pat on the back – By Aminu Darma


S-Power: Katsina State government deserves a pat on the back – By Aminu Darma 

For Good governance to be feasible, sound social, infrastructural and economic policies devoid of mere lip service must be put in place. Good governance is defined by actions not mere words on paper. Governor Aminu Bello Masari is daily proving his strength as an architect of good governance with his performance across board which has not only served as an eye-opener to good governance but also raised consciousness in people to good leadership.

Norman Tebbit once remarked: “People are not willing to be governed by those who do not speak their language.” And their language is that of good governance and democratic dividends. The citizens want to feel the positive effect of Government’s policies on their lives, Families, Jobs and Future prospects. Good policies are what legitimise a government in the eyes of the people.

It is said that change is inevitable, but growth is optional; that every leader should learn from brighter and more informed minds so as to grow. What you stick with sticks on you. There is something that is rubbed onto you from every association, copying this good policy from the national level is a sign that progressives are steering the wheel of Governance.

The aim is not to blow a trumpet, much less show up records for political credit. Far from that, it is to outline how this government copied and came out with an altered good policy that removed five thousand Katsina state indigenes from the labour market and made them productive, and bread winners of their immediate families. And at the same time addressed the issue of manpower in the education sector.

There is no gainsaying that S-power programme in katsina state is a copy cat of the N-power programme at the national level, the success story at the national level is what gave rise to the one currently being undertaken by the state. Both are geared towards gainfully empowering our teeming youths. Today we are singing victory songs.

It all started with an Announcement that Katsina State will embark On Recruitment Exercise of five thousand (5000) people under the S-power programme.

The programme initially started at L.E.A level where registration forms were given to 34 local government Education secretaries based on their demographic needs, But rampant complaints of uneven distribution and in some cases of bulk buying from politicians and lack of transparency, the whole exercise was cancelled.

The Governor directed the SGS to evolve a more transparent way of dealing with the whole process.

A committee was formed under the Chairmanship of The Secretary to the Government Of The State Alhaji Mustafa Inuwa with members Cutting Across Various Fields. They were given onerous task of conducting the exercise of coming out with 5000 S-power applicants successfully, with strict instructions from Governor Masari against favouritism and lopsidedness.

The committee adhered to all instructions and came out with an effective template and executed the assignment excellently. A website was developed, and announcements were made asking applicants to apply. The response was spontaneous. At closing time, over 18 thousands applicants were recorded.

The committee did a very good job coming out with a criteria to reduced the number of applicants to bearest minimum using various considerations ranging from unfinished registration, irrelevant courses to primary school teaching, and giving special preference to those who are engaged in voluntary teaching and casual teachers in various schools.

In all manner of Government and Good Governance, Governor Masari has proven to the world that he Is a true disciple and able lieutenant of PMB. He has performed creditably well for the people of Katsina and Nigeria as he has been a very strong pillar of support to national growth and development.

At the end of the distribution of the appointment letters to the beneficiaries a left over of about 211 appointment letters were brought back to the committee this remnants came as result of some LG areas couldn’t meet up with their allocation. The Governor then directed that the 211 appointment letters be allocated to the group of Casual workers for them to benefit from the programme.

More people will benefit from the S power programme because of the recently released Federal government N power appointment letters as nobody should hold two appointment letters as most people are returning their S power letters in favour of N-power.

Today, Katsina state under the leadership of Rt Hon. Aminu Bello Masari, has become a reference point of excellence among the comity of states through its development-centred policies that made the welfare of the citizenry one of it’s cardinal objectives.

The gains made are visible to even the undiscerning eye. If you seek to know what the Governor Masari governance has achieved, as it was said of the architect of London, Christopher Wren, “Please look around you”.

For, he has brought to Katsina state social development, infrastructural development and economic development which are the three key fundamentals for growth.


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