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5 takeaways from Katsina Emir’s speech at Hawan Bariki event

5 takeaways from Katsina Emir’s speech at Hawan Bariki event


Traditionally, the Emir of Katsina on the second day of Eid celebration, he do goes to the the state government house to exchange pleasantries with the governor of the state.

But before he depart back to his palace, he usually make a speech after which traditional rulers and their entourage will rode back horses in a colourful way to escort the Emir back home.

It was not different this time too and below are some of what the Emir said during his speech:


1. The Emir of Katsina, Alhaji Abdulmummini kabir Usman said whatever befalls a Muslim is from God and should be taken as such adding however that nowadays Muslims do not believe in destiny attributing whatever befalls on them on the current administration.

He cautioned against negative threats by Muslims, adding that Muslims must live as ordained by God.

2. The Emir also kicked against open defecations by people, which he said is the source of outbreak of various diseases in the state. Recently, Alhaji Abdulmummini said UNICEF visited him and pledged to provide pit latrines but to date the FUND had not fulfilled that pledge.

3. He asked people in the Emirate to embrace maintenance culture on projects provided by government to improve their well being, adding that people should learn to become owners of such projects to guard against vandalization.

4. The Emir called on graduates to stop waiting for white collar jobs and embrace the art of establishing small and medium scale enterprises for them to become employers of labour.

He asked youths to stop running away from taking career with the military because of laziness, adding that some of the recently recruited youths turn back the employment describung it as a sad development.

5. Alhaji Abdulmummini also spoke at length on the dangers of drug abuse, saying recently some children brought to his palace their father who took to taking dangerous substances. He therefore wants all and sundry to contribute towards fighting the social menace.


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