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Home Latest Daura By-election: Hon. Ahmad Babba Kaita speaks on contesting against his blood brother
Daura By-election: Hon. Ahmad Babba Kaita speaks on contesting against his blood brother

Daura By-election: Hon. Ahmad Babba Kaita speaks on contesting against his blood brother


Daura By-election: Hon. Ahmad Babba Kaita speaks on contesting against his blood brother

Ahead of his today’s formal campaign kick off for the Senatorial zone seat by election in Daura, Honourable Ahmad Babba Kaita has on his official Facebook page speaks on him contesting against his elder brother.

In the long article he posted titled ‘Katsina North Senatorial Zone Election: The Task Ahead’ he stated that even though he respects him, that does not amount to any of them being denied the constitutional right to aspire to be what we want to be.

Below is the article he wrote unedited:


The world over, politicians use every available method win elections. That’s not a problem as long as the methods are civilized and acceptable. Fate have it that, as a fallout of my emergence as the APC candidate for the upcoming Katsina North Senatorial zone bye-election, I’m going to contest the election alongside Alh. Kabir Babba Kaita, the consensus candidate for the PDP and my respected brother. This piece is meant to address few misconceptions and, or deliberate mischiefs, scripted to challenge the democratic integrity of the upcoming process.

It’s not in doubt that Alh. Kabir Babba is my elder brother and I respect him without reservation. However, being blood relatives doesn’t amount to any of us being denied the constitutional right to aspire to be what we want to be. It’s petty to assume just because we are siblings, we cannot participate in a democratic process whether as candidates or as supporters of different political parties. Democracy is synonymous with civilization and is designed to be operated with civility as such, any expression of fear that I may not pursue my candidature with the steam deserved for the sensitive position because of my blood affinity with the PDP candidate is reducing democracy to a laughable level.

It should be noted that I’m neither an accidental politician nor an unprepared one. To assume I will come this far only to allow unrelated factors dampen my zeal to serve the public and hinder my passion to make a difference, to say the least, it’s an expression of stark ignorance of my person, my ideals and what I stand for. As far as I’m concerned, democracy only answers its name if there’s respect for freedom of association and freedom of association. As such, I’m quite at home with the choice of PDP whether he’s from my family or from my ward. My concerns are over and above which candidates I’m contesting with but how to deliver Katsina North Senatorial zone to APC and reinforce the support base of President Buhari in the upper chamber of the National Assembly.

That the PDP candidate in the upcoming election is my brother shouldn’t be misconstrued as an added advantage for the PDP but a tragic happenstance which neither change the tragic history of the PDP in the minds of the people rescued from it nor improves its unpromising future as could be estimated from public determination to keep it away from public trust. PDP’s fate wouldn’t be any better in this election as in the last when it was unanimously striped naked and “SAKKED”. If PDP is counting on this happenstance to bounce back to life in the zone, it should consider its investment lost!

No gainsaying that recent unfortunate developments in the senate have exposed the unforgiving desperation of PDP to embarrass President Buhari and possibly impeach him to make it easy and more convenient to reclaim power in the 2019 elections. It’s heartbreaking watching people who rode to power clinging to the apron of President Buhari turning their back against him simply because he refused to play ball and allow the inherited “owanbe” to continue. I belong to the lower chamber of the National Assembly and, Alhamdulillah, I’m very aware of the high level machinations and tricks designed to distract the President and hinder his efforts to restore sanity back into Nigeria.

Having failed Nigerians, PDP’s primary objective is to deny President Buhari the trust and confidence of Nigerians and, to drag him and the APC to its embarrassing level of political despair and hopelessness just to have a fair chance of regaining power for reasons other than the betterment of Nigerians. It’s risky to even contemplate voting for PDP. In the upcoming election, a vote for PDP is a vote is support of the resistance President Buhari is facing from moles in the upper chamber working tirelessly to remove President Buhari and reverse the gain he achieved so far. Insha Allah they would fail.

The need to be steadfast members and sympathisers of the APC couldn’t be higher at any other time than now. The heightened desperation of the PDP to return and unleash another round of systematic dismantling of Nigeria must be resisted with as much desperation if not more. Katsina North senatorial zone election is way beyond a contest between brothers. It’s a contest between APC and PDP, between a manifesto of hopelessness and that of a promising future – between progress and retrogression if I may add. It’s not going to be a tea party. PDP would deploy all its arsenal of mischief and propaganda to embarrass President Buhari and dampen the spirit of Nigerians. To avoid falling victims to its antics, be on the lookout!

Ahmed Babba Kaita (MHR)


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