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Home Politics Senator Abu Ibrahim speaks on Senate move to impeach President Buhari
Senator Abu Ibrahim speaks on Senate move to impeach President Buhari

Senator Abu Ibrahim speaks on Senate move to impeach President Buhari


Abu Ibrahim (Katsina-APC), accused senators of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of conspiring to impeach Mr Buhari.

He justified the president’s decision to make the withdrawal on precedence.

“He took action based on national interest, that’s why he authorized this payment. As far as I’m concerned, this is the first time that money drawn from excess crude oil account is being brought to the National Assembly.

Since they begin to operate this account, I have never seen any expenditure that was brought here for approval.

“$17.7 billion was drawn by (ex-President) Obasanjo to pay the Paris Club without National Assembly approval. Obasanjo left $9.3 billion in the excess crude account but former President Goodluck Jonathan …the money with no recourse to the National Assembly.

The account was increased to over $20 billion in 2008 and decreased to less than $4 billion by Jonathan in 2010. It never came to the National Assembly for approval.

“$2 billion was used by the previous PDP administration to fight Boko Haram in 2014. Governor Godswill Akpabio was the one who moved the motion at the National Economic Council to get the money. $5 billion was taken for power generation, funding was also sourced for the Niger Delta, the same process was not taken by (ex-President Yar’ adua). It was later taken to the National Assembly and it was approved.

“This is a PDP conspiracy. I will like PDP to tell us which of their governors has taken the money released from excess crude oil account to the state assembly for approval.

If this is a PDP conspiracy to tarnish the image of Muhammadu Buhari, they will not be able to do it because we are coming out with figures.”


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