Home Politics PDP ready to take over mantle of leadership from APC – Majigiri
PDP ready to take over mantle of leadership from APC – Majigiri

PDP ready to take over mantle of leadership from APC – Majigiri


*PDP is ready to take over the mantle of leadership from APC – Majigiri*

By Usman Maawuya

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Katsina state chapter has stated that it is ready to seize political power from the ruling party All Progressive Congress (APC) in all spheres of government in the upcoming 2019 general election.

Chairman of the Party, Alhaji Yusuf Majigiri made this known while speaking during a meeting organized by PDP north west social media users forum at Peoples Democratic Party secretariat in Katsina.

According to Majigiri, in the last three years of All Progressive Party’s administration it had not recorded any tangible development except progressive growth in poverty, hunger and unemployment in the state and Nigeria at large; and masses are disappointed.

More so, Alhaji Yusuf criticised the All progressive party’s administration in it’s various promises in creating job opportunities to the teaming population but ended up in provision of N-power and S-power programs.

“Incumbent government promised various job opportunities to the masses, instead of it to fulfill that  they ended up provision of poverty eradicative programs of N-power and S-power that their children are not part of”.

The chairman also accused the incumbent government in it’s failure to provide free education and payment of SSCE fee to the masses.

He also promised free education, security and protection of life and property if they are elected to office.

In conclusion, Majigiri said, Peoples Democratic party would bring its presidential candidate from the north and religious politics is over.

He also address the recent decampment of of senators and reps as sign of success to their party in the upcoming 2019 general election.


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