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Home Opinion Opinion: Please Let Us do Justice To Kusada People – By APC concern delegates
Opinion: Please Let Us do Justice To Kusada People – By APC concern delegates

Opinion: Please Let Us do Justice To Kusada People – By APC concern delegates



Opinion: Please Let Us do Justice To Kusada People – By APC concern delegates

Naturally, it will soon be time to consider candidates for various party primaries for the position of Member House of Representatives soon to be declared vacant by the Leadership of the House following the victory of Hon Ahmad Babba Kaita in the just concluded Katsina North Senatorial primaries of the APC, and the need to fill his transition position as power is ever continuing and knows no vacuum. Three LG Areas comprising of Kankia, Ingawa, and Kusada makes up the Federal Constituency and each has equal stake for the position, as equity demands in a democracy.

But let us carefully analyze the history of representation in the Federal Constituency since when it was first (the Federal Constituency) delineated in 1999, so as to do justice to all components and redress lopsidedness or neglect.

While Distinguished Senators Abdu Yandoma and Late Kanti Bello from Ingawa LG held sway, alternately, in the Upper Chamber as Senators for 16 years from 1999 to 2015, Mani Nasarawa from Kankia LG held sway for 8 years in the Lower Chamber, 1999 to 2007, with an interregnum of only 4 year (mis)representation of Kabir Kofa from Kusada for the lot to fall on Kankia again with the representation of Salisu Kafinsoli/Babba Kaita from 2011 till date.

For the near 20 years of the current democratic dispensation, Kusada LG was represented with a lame representation of Kabir Kofa which only succeeded at subjugating and disenfranchising the good people of Kusada and explained why the people embraced the Buhari CPC/APC train in 2011 and 2015 massively and unanimously.

The people therefore had never known a son of the soil representation at the Federal Level for the almost 20 years of the current democratic dispensation. There is need for the APC to deliberately redress this and right the past by considering Kusada first before any of the other two LG’s in choosing a flagbearer and making the people feel accommodated.

There is no better time to grant Justice but and than ‘now’. Let justice not only be done but appear to be justifiably done, and there is no better chance than the one offered by the current circumstances. It is the famous tradition of Kusada people to engage not to agitate, to dialogue not to confront, and to appeal not to challenge.

May Allah bless Kusada LG, the KIK Federal Constituency, the Daura Senatorial Zone, Katsina State and the Federal Republic of Nigeria the more. Thanks and Allah Bless us all.




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