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Home Latest Katsina refinery becomes a reality as Buhari, Moumadou Issoufou signs MoU tomorrow
Katsina refinery becomes a reality as Buhari, Moumadou Issoufou signs MoU tomorrow

Katsina refinery becomes a reality as Buhari, Moumadou Issoufou signs MoU tomorrow


Katsina refinery becomes a reality as Buhari, Moumadou Issoufou signs MoU tomorrow

IBRAHIM ZAKARI TALBA the founder of BLAKOIL ENERGY REFINERY will spearhead the first 100% private driven Refinery in the north of Nigeria to be built in Mashi Town of katsina state.

The REFINERY is a project worth $2 billion (over N700 billion). It is projected to employ over 2,500 direct employment and over 10,000 in direct employment not only to the state but Nigerians in general.

President Muhammad Buhari and Republic of Niger President Moumadou Issoufou will sign the final bilateral trade agreement on Tuesday 24th July 2018 in the Presidential Villa Abuja.


We must acknowledge those who are clearly not self centred and support them the best way we can.

It could be recalled that the earlier reported to you that Nigeria and the Niger Republic, will sign binding bilateral and technical agreements that will enable both countries develop and build a new petroleum refinery in Mashi Local Government Area of Katsina State which borders both countries.

The ministry of Petroleum resources in a short statement issued to newsmen then explained that the refinery project would also include a crude oil pipeline that is expected to come from Niger Republic, indicating the plant would be fed crude oil from Niger.


  1. In these days when Govt is trying to enlighten the people about the ills of “FAKE NEWS” , Pls let us be careful not to disseminate what is not exactly true. Some of us have been following these develoments with keen interest.

    From the explorations in the Chad basin, the Benue Trough in Bauchi to the Bida Basin. All these are good for our people who suffer on account of not having oil “of our own” in the Nigerian equation.

    No matter how much or how fast we wish and want things to happen, let us tell our people the truth. Embrassing the Govt with half truths or is not helpful especially knowing the sincere intention of this Government. And if for some reasons things fail to happen as wrongly disseminated, it becomes easier to blame some one as the culprit or even the Govt it self.

    The fact is, many entities from Kaduna, Kano and Katsina States have expressed interest to set up refineries with the Nigerien crude oil in view.

    From Katsina State, two groups are prominent. The Sabke refinery and the Black oil groups. Just like the invitation letter shown in the main posting above, exactly Similar invitation letters to attend the MOU signing ceremony at the villa has been extended to the Chairman plus one other Director of SAREPCO, the Sabke Refinery Company of Daura among other invitees.

    The MOU is going to provide a bilateral frame work to gurantee at the National Govts level the supply of crude oil from Niger to refineries in Nigeria and Katsina State in particular.

    Beyond the MOU, a regulatory and technical frame work is still going to be jointly worked out by officials from both sides. This will spell out the necessary criteria among other requirements to be met by prospective applicants to establish refineries before approval will be given.

    The whole thing will then be progressed by private investors through Companies like SAREPCO etc. There are many process stages and hurdles to clear before a license to build will be issued and if satisfactory progress is recorded a license to operate follows.

    A very solid business plan and water tight returns coupled with an excellent industry savvy is required to get financiers to support any of the proposals.

    Let us pray for the successful implementation and realisation of the spirit and the letter behind the MOU signatures.

    The good thing is that I have noticed at least, Sabke refinery is truthfully faithful by not making any pretences beyond what it’s true position is.

    There is no need to rush to make undue claims since subsequent developments in the immediate future wil determine what happens for all to witness.

    There is enough room for every one with a saleable business case. As many viable private refineries as can be accomodated by the crude supply volume are welcome.

    It is indeed a very good development It is all for the good of our people. May Allah make it happen in our time.


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