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Home Politics 2019: In case he loose primary election, Tata reveals who he would support 
2019: In case he loose primary election, Tata reveals who he would support 

2019: In case he loose primary election, Tata reveals who he would support 


Katsina 2019: In case he loose primary election, Tata reveals who he would support

A PDP gubernatorial ticket aspirant in Katsina in the coming 2019 general elections, Alhaji Umar Abdu Tsauri Tata has hinted on whom he will support in case he did not get the party ticket.

According to him, winning is not a must and he will gladly support who ever emerged as the flag bearer of the party in the state provided that he is either better than him or Masari.

Tata made this ascertain in a long write up that he shared on his official personal Facebook page with the title ‘MY CONDITIONS FOR SUPPORT!’ and seen by .

In the write up, Tata also frown on how money politics is trying to affect the PDP chances in the state in the coming elections.

He also charged his fellow party members to redouble their efforts if at all they want to win as history has shown that incumbent governor has never lost reelection in Katsina.

He also advised the officials and delegates of the party to get serious and do the right thing.

Below is the complete write up posted on his Facebook page unedited:


We are in a period where people are desperate for money. Money here is measured by the amount you claim to have or the little handouts you are giving in your short period of stewardship in PDP. I am afraid that is not how opposition works. You can’t behave as if you are in government when you are truly out of it and expect success to be thrown on your lap. We have to behave and work like the opposition to defeat APC and certainly the count on who has deepest pocket is tertiary.

I have been in the field taking every punch from friends and foes for years to know that we need to do more than what we are doing to get there. Politics is dirty and politics is tiring but once in it to get out is near impossibility. If it is I would have been out.

We are approaching primary elections in a matter of weeks and I am not bothered. PDP needs power more than me and that is how it should be and those that should ordinarily join hands to work for the success of the party, under whatever name, delegates or party officials are being carried away by things that I do not understand. Everybody is afraid of delegates believing that they can be bought and the highest bidder will carry the day. This is a general fear which everyone is expressing. If it is so I wish them well. Whatever privilege a delegate has it is only for one day and he can do as he chooses with it.

On my part, winning is not a MUST but then denying me the expression of my suffrage is beyond any party man. If I lose I will support anybody on the condition that he is either better than me or if he is not he has to be better than Masari. Katsina is my concern here not a party! You might have been lucky to have had numerous political appointments, as I can see some are touting, but that mean nothing to me. I will judge you by what you did with the opportunities you got, how many lives you touched and to what extent did my Katsina benefit from that not a nonsense list of you were this you were that. If you can’t show me what you did I won’t trust you with anything new as you have no record to convince me that you are not the same derelict person.

History has shown that no incumbent has ever lost reelection in Katsina State and we expect Masari to lose now! You must certainly do more than what we are currently doing to achieve that.

History has equally shown that no sitting President has ever lost his state at reelection and we expect PMB to just lose Katsina because we are PDP. Is it because of anything we are doing? What are we really doing that will make us defeat the combination of Masari and Buhari in Katsina? Nothing except looking for who to collect money from. If we want success we have to change our attitude and our ways else we are heading for a repeat of another 2015 and all those who are touting money or positions will not be there to give anybody anything! Where were they before now? They were very much around with their monies and big positions but why didn’t they come out before me? Where were they when PDP deaparetely needed them? Is it now that PDP is back that they are shouting hoarse? Help me ask them please!

Let us get serious and do the right thing, officials and delegates alike, else you won’t find me in this circus show of mediocres and political desparados who think Katsina people are cheap and can be bought at a dime per person!


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