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Home Entrepreneurship Sallah: Visible anxiety as Katsina civil servants wait for ‘salary advance’ 
Sallah: Visible anxiety as Katsina civil servants wait for ‘salary advance’ 

Sallah: Visible anxiety as Katsina civil servants wait for ‘salary advance’ 


Sallah: Visible anxiety as Katsina civil servants wait for ‘salary advance’

In Katsina state, there’s a visible anxiety among the civil servants who are fervently waiting and praying to either get a salary advance or their June salary to enable them celebrate the forth coming Sallah in a better way.

The rumor of salary advance has ripened in the minds of the workers with most of them seen discussing the issues in clusters at offices, mosques or under trees.

According to a Daily Trust report, a staff of the state owned Radio station, who prepared to be anonymous, said, “We are just hearing that a salary advance is coming our way. We pray for it as it will go a long way in facilitating us having a swell Sallah celebration.

“Most of civil servants have spent their last month’s salaries on Ramadan shopping and now Sallah is coming with other demands like provision of clothes, food and drinks among other demands.”

Another anonymous civil servant said, “It has happened during the regimes of late Umaru Yar’adua and Shema, they issued Salary advance and even bonus to workers when we found ourselves in this kind of situation, we pray Governor Masari will also do the same to allow us enjoy Sallah.”

The Chairman of the state chapter of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Tanimu Saulawa, assured that union was working hard to ensure that government do something on the issue of salary advance.
“If we are able to get salary advance fine, if not then people should manage the little they have pending the payment of salary,” he said.

On his part, the NULGE chairman in the state,  Aliyu Haruna Kankara said, “Workers have no reason to complain because Sallah falls in-between the month and it’s not time for salary. Unless out of the government magnanimity it pays, it will help workers to celebrate and we will be appreciative.”

It could be recalled that civil servants in at least three North Western states of Nigeria namely; Sokoto  Kebbi and Kano has already gotten their own.



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