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Home Health 5 steps to handle a tire burst while driving
5 steps to handle a tire burst while driving

5 steps to handle a tire burst while driving


Do not apply your brake pedal during the blowout since it worsens the imbalance of the vehicle.

Serious accidents coming from tire bursts recently have triggered the public awareness of dealing tire burst incidents.

As reported by FRSC, tire burst ranks as the most feared accident by motorists on the highway since a tire blowout will take the driver off control over their vehicle, especially, if it happens with MUVs or SUVs, it can even flip the vehicles over.

1. First step:  Adopt a habit of driving with a safe speed

The lower the speed is, the higher chance you survive and the less damaging the accident would be.

2. Second step: Do not apply your brake pedal during the blowout

This one is tricky as our brains are wired to urge for the brakes when something suddenly astounds us. That said, hard braking seriously worsens the imbalance of the vehicle in the event of tire bursting.

3. Third step: Slowly release the accelerating pedal

Don’t disengage the accelerator abruptly. In fact, it is recommended that you keep the same force on the accelerator for a short while before gradually releasing it. In case you’re on cruise control, disengage it right away.

4. Fourth step: Make sure your car keep going straight on

If your vehicle is pulling to one side, it is critical that you pull the steering to the opposite direction to keep it pointed straight or you may collide with surrounding vehicles.

5. Fifth step: Keep your composure

Don’t try to make unnessary control. While the most important thing in this misfortune is to keep balance, an overly sharp yank on the steering wheel may lead to a rollover.

6. Sixth step: Get to the roadside safely

Let the vehicle take its course to a halt. You should only apply the brake pedal when your car is going really slowly and almost reach a stop. Signal the turn and get to the roadside. When already being at the roadside, make sure the hazard lights are on to give signs to approaching vehicles to steer away off.


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