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Home Religion 14-year old boy converts to Islam in Kafur
14-year old boy converts to Islam in Kafur

14-year old boy converts to Islam in Kafur


14-year old boy converts to Islam in Kafur

A 14-year-old boy named Balarabe from Gozaki Village of Kafur local government area of Katsina state has dumbed Christianity to Islam.

This was revealed by the chairman of Majisu Shabab El-Islam, an Islamic Da’awa organization; Abu Alee on his facebook wall dated 11th December 2017.

Read the full post below as posted;

Interesting Story!
“Salaam, the boy you see in the second picture become a Muslim on Saturday 9-Dec-2017. what will amaze you is;
1) He is from a Christian family and his Christian father brought him to us that his son wants to embrace Islam.
2) The boy has Christian friends that he follows to the church and has Muslim friends he follows to the mosque.
3) His father and other elders from his community told him that he needs 1 religion and should not have more than 1.
4) When he was asked to choose the religion he likes to join, he chose Islam.
5) When we asked him why he said he feels in his heart tranquility that he has never felt whenever he thinks of joining Islam.
6) His father gave him the freedom to go for Islam since that is what he chose and all the Christian family members show him support.
Allahu Akbar, I’m very impressed with the behavior of his dad. This is what parents should be like rather than forcing their children to one religion. Both Muslims and Christians parents should be like this boys parents. Convince your children with reasons rather than forcing them. “There is no compulsion in religion” Quran 2:256.
This was during the 3 days Dawah journey by Majlisu Shabab El-Islam from Katsina State to Kafur Local Government, Gozaki. If you have money you wish to spend in the course of Allah, I recommend you donate to this great Dawah association.”


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