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Home Entrepreneurship Katsina got talent: Meet Abdullahi Aliyu, 26 year old young co-pilot from Katsina 
Katsina got talent: Meet Abdullahi Aliyu, 26 year old young co-pilot from Katsina 

Katsina got talent: Meet Abdullahi Aliyu, 26 year old young co-pilot from Katsina 


– Abdullahi Abdullahi, 26, is a co-pilot with Air Peace Limited. The Katsina state youth holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Coventry University in the United Kingdom.

– In an interview with Daily Trust, he said he then enrolled at the Flight Safety (aviation school) Florida – the USA in 2013 for his certification.

– Abdullahi who has spent three years with the airline told YOUTHVILLE – a Daily trust publication in this interview about his motivations for the aviation profession.

I fancied being a tanker driver, but became a pilot, says Abdullahi, 25
Abdullahi Abdullahi, 25, is a co-pilot with Air Peace Limited

When asked about how rigorous is it to becoming a pilot, he said: It was not really rigorous but very tasking. I always tell kids I try to mentor that anything that feels difficult is worth doing well because they will always feel good about achieving the result at the end of the day. There are times when we come back from flight instructions and nothing seems to go right, but that is the best time to calm down and regain your confidence and the purpose of your being there. Now two years after, it’s like it never happened. I am glad I braced those challenges with determination and zeal because I envisioned what my end result should be and Alhamdulillah with where I am right now.

What was your first flight experience like?

It was amazing; I was with my flight instructor. Once we took off I grabbed the yolk so hard, which is like the steering wheel of a car, that I started losing blood flow in my fingers. It was terrifying, but after the first few tries, I realized with just a finger, one can actually fly an airplane.

What did you aspire to be as a child?

I wanted to be a tanker driver. I liked the idea of huge trucks bringing water to the house every week and the men looking really large and husky was fascinating to me. Later I came to the realization that airplanes are better tankers because they transport people, cargos, you name it.

When I was 10 years old, my uncle who was a pilot took me on an adventure flight. I sat in the back seat listened to the radio and all I was hearing was really confusing. But then and there I knew I wanted to be flying planes. And now 15 years later I am here achieving my dreams.

Should youth often depend on parents to choose their career paths?

Our parents are always there to guide and support us, our decisions and protect us. When I found the interest in flying, my parents supported me 100 percent and nurtured me. I will advise youth to always respect their parents at all times as they want the best for us.

Do you fly internationally?

Not yet, but I intend to be an international pilot. I wish to show to the world that Nigeria isn’t all about insurgency or 419. We are great people with great minds achieving great things, and as a pilot considering we get to go to different destinations, I believe it will be easy to achieve that.

What advice do you have for youth? 

They should always put God first in all their affairs. In every profession, God is the pilot, we are the co-pilots. We should allow him to dictate our lives and only then we can fully achieve our purpose and goal. Also in whatever we set ourselves to achieve, without the interest and the passion, it would be very difficult to succeed in it.



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