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Home Opinion OPINION: A political Hero: Dr Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa SGS – By Comrd Bashir Ya’u 
OPINION: A political Hero: Dr Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa SGS – By Comrd Bashir Ya’u 

OPINION: A political Hero: Dr Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa SGS – By Comrd Bashir Ya’u 


Dr. Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa is the person  who the history of Rt.Hon.Aminu Bello Masari’s administration will not be complete without mentioning his name, simple because of the paramount role he played in order to attain the desires changes that we good people of Katsina State are currently now enjoying the dividend of this democracy under the able leadership of Katsina State Governor Rt. Hon Aminu Bello Masari.

However,  the courage and the fearlessness of Dr. Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa resulted in confronting the so called previous PDP Government, this is because of injustice, abuse of power, diverting from the rule of law, withch hunting the opposition party members in all the nook and corners of the state in any matters concerning politics.

To this effect Dr. Mustapha Muhammad was the only person throughout the state whose stood against tyrannical leadership of PDP previous Government.

In view of this, many people in the state became enlightened,awared, well informed or educated about the mis deeds and deviation from the right course of PDP .  And this contributed to a large extent in exposing the weaknesses of the PDP Government and eventually led to its final collapse as a result of the humiliation defeat they had suffered from the APC Party across the state.

Further more, Dr. Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa is the person who sacrificed his time, energy, economic resources, political experience and his thousand supporters to Dallatu in order to ensure his success in 2015 governotorial election.

In addition to this, his effort was made since from the primary election, where he and his fellow delegates choosed to votes in favour of Dallatu .

Dr. Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa assisted greatly for Masari’s emergence as the winner in the APC Governortorial primary election, he also re- double his effort to ensure the success of becoming katsina’s fourth Democratically elected Governor.

It is apparently clear that, to any keen political observer to notice that during the general election of 2015, Dr.  Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa played a crucial role in his capacity as APC Party Chairman in Katsina State, he provided sufficient welfare services to all excos of APC Party from the state level up to the grassroots level that is in the 34 local government and even to the ward and polling unit.

However, Dr Mustapha also increased upward the allowances of all agents of APC Party, for example, a polling unit agent whose allowance was two thousand naira before, it was increased to ten thousand naira, this effort was done when the election was taken place in order to encourage them to discharge their responsibilities .

Dr. Mustapha also set up various committies which were assigned with responsibilities of going round across the state so as to ensure that the 2015 general election was conducted peaceful and above all free and fair.

Consequently upon this, it led to the success of 2015 general election and this paved way to the  APC Party to be declared as the winning party with a huge number of votes casted in every sit across the state.

Meanwhile, looking at the above mentioned points of view, that is why I said this frankly, a history of APC administration under the able leadership of Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari in Katsina State will not be complete without mentioning the name of our Hero and mentor in person of Dr Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa, this is simply because if we carefully analysed his extreme effort toward APC Party, so we can call him as “agent of change ” in Katsina State .

With regard to all these, we can define him as a “Political Hero” a political hero who had contributed toward the success of his party ever found in the history of APC Party chairmanship.

In recognition of his political resourcesfulness Dr. Mustapha was appointed as the secretary to the government of the state for the second time which was the first of its kind in the history of Katsina State.

There is no doubt, that Dr. Mustapha laid a solid foundation in his present position and this will be forever continue to remin fresh in the mind of Katsina citizens even when he would be a former Secretary.

In addition to this, Dr Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa responded to a large extent to the administrative challenges in the state, this is because he was not be caught napping on any issues that has a direct bearing to his office, he is of course erudite, vast at his calling as professional trained historian and insightful in modern politics.

Just like Masari Inuwa has displayed highest level of decorum in managing the affairs of his office,since coming into into office he continue to place the interest of good people of Katsina above any other sentiment.

To this effect ,Dr Mustapha is well accepted and widely recognised as a man of immense intelligence an astute and highly respected, the present of Dr. Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa in APC could be aptly be termed as a political success to the state, this is because the “success  does not just happen, but must be set in motion ” ,which the Dr. has already set and we are enjoying it.

In conclusion , Dr. Is contributing immensely toward the development of our dear Katsina State, by giving his total support in ensuring full implementation of the APC restoration projects agenda in the state, not with standing, his effort is clearly visible especially in running his office as the  secretary to the government of the state by ensuring every thing are done in according to the rule of the laid down rules and regulations stipulating of his office and ensuring that due process are strictly maintain. 

Long live General Muhammadu Buhari

Long live Dallatu Aminu Bello Masari

Long live QS Mannir Yakubu

Long live Dr Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa.

Comrd Bashir Ya’u Chairman Katsina State masari Media Enlightenment forum.


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