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Angry mob Killed motorcycle thief in Sandamu

Angry mob Killed motorcycle thief in Sandamu


From Sadiq Tijjani Inuwa

Reports reaching Katsina Post has it that some angry mob,  lynched a suspected motorcycle thief to death.

The incidence happened in Lugga village of Sandamu local government  Area, Katsina state.

Katsina post gathers that the suspected thief chartered the motorcycle from Daura to the lugga village. On reaching the village he asked the driver to further drive him to a nearby village.

On their way,  the suspected thief threatened to killed the drive with a knife if he refuse to handover the motorcycle to him. The driver had comply in order to save his life.

After the thief drove away, the victim phoned his relatives in Fago village to inform them about the seizure of his motorcycle. They gathered their people around and embark on a search mission. Fortunately, the thief ran out of fuel and was caught when trying to reach his colleagues  on phone, to  supply him with the fuel.

The angry mob beat him and have him tortured with the motorcycle’s silencer. He was taken to a hospital in Sandamu due to the severe injuries he sustained and was later transferred to Daura. He died there and was buried in Sandamu town.


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