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Home Opinion Opinion: Tick-Tock As 2019 Looms – By Darda’u Isma’il Dutsin-ma
Opinion: Tick-Tock As 2019 Looms – By Darda’u Isma’il Dutsin-ma

Opinion: Tick-Tock As 2019 Looms – By Darda’u Isma’il Dutsin-ma


2015 isn’t a long way from being different with 2019, the flashbacks of 2015 races are as yet streaming inside the brains of Nigerians, it could be recalled the adventure of chibok girls, down to the missing certificate of the then Presidential aspirant. The questions that filled the psyches of Nigerians is how  far away are we from having 2015 in 2019.

The campaigns have started and simply as always candidates started running from one political party onto the next looking for the party that will acknowledge their candidacy. It is presently propensity for public office seekers to change parties within the flicker of an eye, much the same as individual taking off  shirts.

Despite the fact that it is said “never trust a politician”, regardless it is amusing however, in the wake of making long speeches and promising his previous party to be his last, in lessthan 3 years, he is back again with different party and different promises.

The pretentious acts by their wives in guaranteeing their husbands got elected can’t be ignored, from riding tricycles down to conciliatory gathering with chibok girls, however it didn’t take long in the wake of winning the election for the battle to raise between the first lady and the president, we are yet to see 2019’s methodology, this time it could be sharing of goats to the women.

Out there somewhere in the north, two heavyweights politicians are in battle on who is to manager the express, The king  is away for some time and the prince is currently leading, we will hold up to see who will win at last, however one thing is without a doubt “the masses will suffer the consequences”.

It will be hard for the Nigerians to overlook the 83 Apc’s promises to the masses, daily feeding to the primary and auxiliary school children, the increase in minimum  wage is yet to be actualized, The fight against corruption which most pdp individuals contend that it is fight against opposition rather than against corruption.

APC needs to alter their promises in the coming election if they are to retain their crown as the opposition have just begun playing tunes on their failures.

The president’s medical problem is still begging to be proven wrong, the intense debate on the president’s health issue will be contended once more, however that will barely play a role now that the president is believed to be fully fit.

The show encompassing the current dapchi kidnapping is still uncertain. Most Nigerians have the conviction that the abduction is one tactical plan out of the politician’s playbook for the 2019 election.

The minutes spent by the boko haram individuals in the wake of returning the girls is one of the greatest questions encompassing the sitting government’s role in the kidnapping. Another question frequently asked  is whether the federal government is negotiating with Boko Haram, since it has been reported that federal government negotiated  in pounds for the safe return of the girls back home, and the occasion that happened brought up significantly more issues.

PDP as of late went to Katsina, reports proposed that lodgings were reserved to prevent the occasion from taking place, at last it did, the question is have we took in anything from it?

It is interesting that the defenders of the nation are presently the criticizers of the nation, the letter composed by the former president to the then sitting president in 2014 isn’t a long way from being different as the letter he as of late sent to the current president, There is no doubt  that he served the nation indefatigably yet the question is : Is his long letters another methods of pulling down the sitting presidents? Is he still vying for power? It is safe to say that he is envious of anybody sitting on that seat.Since he is no longer part of any political party, what part would he say he is playing in Nigerian politics? That will be confirmed in couple of months time.

While some of our previous statesmen are calm and hiding out taking a gander at what is happening in our nation from far, some are caught up with urging individuals to bring law into their hands, if that could turn out from one of the very much regarded refined man of the nation, what would it be advisable for us to anticipate from our politicians that are prepared to do anything for their course?


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