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Home Opinion OPINION: 3 Good Nigeria’s Presidents But All Weak – By Umar Musa 
OPINION: 3 Good Nigeria’s Presidents But All Weak – By Umar Musa 

OPINION: 3 Good Nigeria’s Presidents But All Weak – By Umar Musa 


Weakness can be used to describe different things, at different sitituations, conditions & times or anything that influence/stop one from doing something. Weakness is defined in an online dictionary  as a characteristic or condition of Lacking in force (usually strenght) or ability.

This article is aimed at enlightening people on why Nigeria’s incumbent president Muhammadu Buhari and two of his predecessors (Ummaru Musa Yar’adua & Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) failed to live up to expectations.

Nigeria’s most recent two presidents in persons of Ummaru Yar’adua & Good luck Ebele Jonathan and the incumbent Muhammadu Buhari are all good people or presidents that want to make Nigeria a great country, but are all embedded by different kinds of weaknesses that hinders their implementation of good policies & initiatives.

The first of the three is president Ummaru Musa Yar’adua (a man of a vision & mission), who’s in my own opinion is the best president Nigeria has ever produced so far, it’s evident that the man meant well for Nigeria & Nigerians considering the fact that he’s the first Nigerian President to have ever reduced the price of the pms (petrol/fuel) from the price he met it at, he’s also the one that has increased the minimum wage ,NYSC monthly allowances (alawee), police, military & other security personnel’s salary structure were enhanced by him e.t.c. He’s also the first Nigeria’s president to publicly declare  his assets, he’s the first politician in the whole wide world to have ever agree & declare that the electoral processes that made him president was biased & prejudiced and it needs to be reformed, there was never a president in the history of Nigeria that curtail crises as quickly & effectively as he did i.e. Niger Delta militants where negotiated with and it yielded a positive results as they peacefully agreed to lay down their arms and live in peace, Bokoharam started during his regime but he made sure that he successfully curtailed their menace in few days.The man is so sound in economy, that’s why his economic team is rated so highly as second to none and the best the country has ever seen, he also resuscitated so many companies & businessmen who were on the verge of annihilation.

His most notable weakness/challenge is nothing but his state of health, I don’t know the truth but I heard from someone that his mother said that “Ummaru Yar’adua wasn’t so healthy right from his birth time”, Had it been that Ummaru is so sound in health Nigeria would’ve benefitted immensely from his leadership style, as he got a very good cabinet members handy that are expertise in various fields, but we all have our weaknesses and health is Yar’adua’s own. May he continue to rest in peace and Aljannah be his final abode….Ameen!!!

The second Good But Weak President is Goodluck  Ebele Jonathan, Contrary to papular believe that Jonathan is this, Jonathan is that, if you’ve ever met him or ask an honest person who’ve ever met or know him closely even those that are not same political party as him they’ll tell you that he’s a good & humble man to the core, but so weak to be the president of a country like Nigeria that’s so diversed in religion, politics ethnicity, culture & tribe e.t.c  and also never crises free country. But the man really meant well for Nigeria as it’s demonstrative & evident at when he conceded defeat to P.M.B on the interest that his blood is not superior to anyone’s (what a great decision ) and he’ll not allow any crises to erupt in the country, even when so many powerful people & political associates were pressurising him to not to do so (who’re selfish & glory hunters) but he went ahead with his plan and conceded defeat and congratulated his successor to be in one of the most historic  phone calls in Nigeria & even the world at large.

But the man was bedeviled by so many problems & challenges among which are:- He doesn’t have that grit character to do things himself rather he’s most of the times influenced so easily by the cabals close to him, as he doesn’t have the guts to go against them, whatever his political associates or cabinet members told him he oftenly agree and implement them without any thorough investigation as  to their effects & uses, he gave his clueless wife (Mama Patience) a chance to have an absolute power/influence to do everything she wants to do, which contributed immensely to his failure to clinch his presidential reelection bid and lost woefully to P.M.B e.t.c.Whether you like him or not he’ll forever be remembered as hero of democracy per excellence.

The Third Good but Weak President is no one but the incumbent president, President Muhammadu Buhari P.M.B as he’s fondly called, he is unarguably a good man, he’s someone who was never indicted for any wrongdoing or financial misappropriation, despite the fact that he held quite many key positions where if he likes he would’ve immersed his hands into nation’s treasury and steal as much as he likes, among which are : He was once a petroleum resources minister (the money milking ministry), a one time P.T.F Boss under president Abacha’s regime, and also a governor of three/six different states among many, and he’s the incumbent president of the federal republic of Nigeria, but he was never accused of any wrongdoing which make it very clear that he’s not greedy or someone that takes advantage of his power/position to enrich himself or anybody, there’s no doubt whatsoever that he’s indeed the greatest corruption crusader Nigeria has ever seen.

But he’s also embedded with so many weaknesses that are plaguing him. First and foremost is age & laxity of character, as whoever knows Buhari of before and that of today will clearly noticed that the man is diluted a lot, in the sense that he’s not as strict as before, and some of his greatest mistakes & reasons that results to the challenges he’s facing are:- The platform in which he emerged as the elected president is formed from the amalgamation of many political parties who has differents manifestos, characters, blueprints, personalities e.t.c though some might argue that they’re now called APC and now believed in the same manifestos, but it’s so obvious that they don’t, to be honest all of the party’s personalities have their different political styles, believes, thinkings & leaders apart from that of APC, when you talk of PDP you’re talking of a political party whose member’s style &  mentality of politics are all the same (like minded), unlike APC that encompasses different people , different characters, different believes and different styles of politics e.t.c.

Another problem is that when you’re elected as the president you should make sure that those that are to be elected as the senate president & speaker house of Representatives are your confidants and are like minded as you, but president Buhari said that he won’t interfere so as to maintain his integrity  & reputation, i’m  not saying that he should’ve used force as the president & commander in chief of the armed forces, but I’m of the opinion that since politics is a smart game and is all about consultations & reaching out to people to convince them about something, he should’ve reached out to the senators and Reps members to explain/plead to them so as to nominate the people that he thinks they are the ones that have the same style & mindset as him and will really help him whenever the need arise.

But he just folded his arms and turned a blind eye like the gentlemen that he really i’s and be a watcher (just like me ) of the proceedings of who to emerge as the senate president & speaker house of representatives, in which some powerful people of the APC & PDP hijacked everything to their favor and their self gains, I hope that  he has learned his lessons as those two people (senate president & speaker house of Reps) are clearly not with him but rather answerable to their benefactors that helped their emergenced to what they’re today, it’s an undeniable fact that many people were educated/mentored of what an absolute power a Senate president is conferred with by the Constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, judging by how the current senate president has become a stumbling block or bus stop to the policies/initiatives that the presidency wants to execute, but the senators won’t allow it to comes into reality.

To be honest I was Buharist to the core  (an ardent buhari supporter) and i still believe & like him, but I don’t really like the direction his government is going towards, most of the times its not his faults but he’s to blame as the president. Buhari was, is & will die corruption free as this is something that even his enemies knows and believe in.

Nevetherless, we’ll never loose hope as a country that has all the potentials and resources to be a great nation, and also a force to reckon with in/among the comity of nations, our problems are not unsurmountable as it’s just implementation of various policies & initiatives by good leaders that’ll help makes Nigeria a great country, most of those that we’ve in the country that possesses that grit character, wisdom & knowhow, who’re so sound in health and economy are either greedy or something else, we also hope that our country people should be wise enough to start thinking who’s he? (His past and antecedent) rather than where is he coming from (party affiliation) as a way of weighing who should be their leaders, as even the common man now knows clearly that there are good & bad peoples across all the political parties. Don’t allow any greedy politician to buy your rights & future with some small amount of money or material things, i won’t stop you from collecting though, just collect whatever you’re offered but don’t let it change your mindset, adhere to your choice of someone you think & believe that he’ll bring positive changes in your live.

And there are those category of people out there, that are not interested in politics or they think that politics is some kind of dirty game and that they should not be involved (evil flourishes when good men do nothing), not knowing that “one of the penalties of not joining/getting involved in politics is being ruled or governed by a clueless inferior


I’m not a card-carrying or registered member of any political party, i’m just a concerned citizen of this great country, who has that freedom of speech and saying of my opinion, and also want to see positive changes  in my state (katsina state) and  my country at large.

Thank you and may God in his infinite mercy Bless the federal republic of Nigeria.


Umar Musa


Katsina State, Nigeria.

Your criticisms, advises & enlightenments e.t.c are all welcome, as I can make mistakes as a human being and I’m someone that accepts mine and Make amendments (we move from known to discover the unknown).


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