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Mixed reactions trail establishment of KASROTA in Katsina

Mixed reactions trail establishment of KASROTA in Katsina


The continuation of the debate on whether there is a need for the establishment of State Security and Road Traffic Authority ( KASROTA) in Katsina has generated buzz across the social media platforms.

About 63 memoranda have been received last week by Katsina state House of Assembly during its just-concluded Public Hearing on the bill.

People were not left behind especially the social media users in expressing their personal opinion on the need, implication, pros and cons that might arise when the agency stashed in the state.

While some praised the state government, for the effort, which according to them might create job opportunities for the teeming youths, others claimed the state unlike Kano, Lagos and Kaduna has lacked the trafficable attributes for the agency.

Read some reactions on the issues below:

Hassan Abu Ammar Ydm ‘’Good job, This is a good initiative and welcome development in the home of hospitality, It has many achievements to the people of the state and also the government itself, as it will help in job creation and sources of revenue to the state government, it will also help in reducing the ghastly accidents occurring on our roads within and outside katsina metropolis,

But from my own observation there is one major problem in which the burden will fall on citizen’s neck especially those that used to travel to some local governments in a commercial vehicles. Some drivers have an intention of increasing transport fare because of the limit number of people that there car will accommodate, so the people assigned for this assignment should take note, Advisably they should liaise with NURTW and NATO for this.”

Ibrahim Muh’d Malam expressed his opinion as “I agreed with the establishment road traffic authority but I strongly disagreed with the issue of state security. My reason is simple,as follow: while traffic authority will generates more revenue to the govt,reduces unemployment and enforce the masses to respect traffic laws and rules.

State security on the other hand, will creates confusion and clashes of power between them and federal govt securities like police,DSS etc. Worst of al,the state securing will serve as weapon of war against the oppositions. The running cost is another burden to the govt.”

Isah Rabiu said, “Is good as it will create employment for the unemployed youth. However government should ensure that competent people are employed not people engaged just for political patronage.”

Abdullahi Surajo: “We don’t support anything like KASROTA they would just end up threatening masses and intimidating people just like FRSC.”


Abdullahi Usman revealed that “For Employment reason i support the idea 100%”

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