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Home Opinion This Pettiness: Please Mr. President Intervene – By Hon. Abdullahi I. Mahuta
This Pettiness: Please Mr. President Intervene – By Hon. Abdullahi I. Mahuta

This Pettiness: Please Mr. President Intervene – By Hon. Abdullahi I. Mahuta


Governance is a serious business which requires focus, commitment and all the seriousness it deserves. And these are the attributes General Buhari is known for. Name calling and mudslinging are not attributes of a serious government, action is.

But unfortunately, we have allowed the despised PDP to drag us to their level. Worse more, they are even dictating what we say and what we do.

For sometime, I have watched, with sadness and disappointment, how our party, the APC, has been making the opposition party, the PDP, our standard of measurement. How can a party we all believe has been a failure continue to be our reference point?

Few weeks back, the vice president was reported to have warned the former president,  Jonathan,  that if he wasn’t careful,  the APC government had enough evidence to make him face the consequences of his actions. Like sir Maiwada Dammallam pointed out, I also could not make much sense out of that ‘warning’.

And now this list of alleged looters. If I were an information minister of a sitting government, I will be careful to call the chairman of an opposition party a looter when everybody can see the said chairman walking and working freelly like any other free citezen. What impression would that statement give of my government?

Rule of law is another hallmark of Mr. President and what our goverment swore to uphold. But we allowed the PDP to  provoke us into being prejuducial. Passing a judgement on some people who are either before a court of competent jurisdiction or not even charged to court at all. Any one on that list can file a case for defamation. At least the courts are yet to make a pronouncement.

And now the PDP has issued their own list, what next? They are simply telling us that if mudslinging is what we have reduced ourselves to, then they can do better.  How can any powerful and serious government reduce itself to name calling and mudslinging with a defeated and despised opposition?

The press statement I expect from my information minister, especially at this time of rising insecurity,  is on how the government plans to tackle the many challenges facing it and make Nigerians lives secure and better.

Please let’s not be distracted. Please let’s stay focused


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