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Home Politics 3 UNFULFILLED campaign promises by Gov. Masari 3 years after
3 UNFULFILLED campaign promises by Gov. Masari 3 years after

3 UNFULFILLED campaign promises by Gov. Masari 3 years after


Former Governor, Ibrahim Shema handed over power to Gov. Masari on May 29.

Before he was elected as governor, he made a lot of promises to Katsina indigenes.

His party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) promised the people ‘change’.

People of Katsina who were already tired of the PDP-led administration decided to try this change and it appears some promises are yet to be fulfilled even as 2019 general election is down the line.

KATSINA POST as the leading and most visited online news media outlet in Katsina has carefully studied a list of 31 campaign promises made my Governor Masari while he was campaigning in 2015 and draw some three big promises that are yet to be fulfilled by him 1 year years down the line.

It is our hope that this will arouse public awareness and discussion among both the political actors in both the Government and the opposition and also with the electorates which will ultimately yield positive result for a better Katsina.

Bellow are some of the unfulfilled promises:

1. Establishment of foodstuffs processing and preservation cottages:

Several promises have been made by the then gubernatorial aspirant RT. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari that he will ensure that many food processing industries will be established. From the Danja Tomato processing company to the Rice and Sugar cane processing industries – nothing tangible up to now.

2. Abolishing of State-LGAs joint account:

This is notably one big promise that endeared Governor Aminu Bello Masari in the hearts of many local government workers and subsequently earned their votes.

But unfortunately, the state is still operating such an account and the local government has very little or no monies to embark on any tangible developmental project. Not a good move.

3. All political office holders including the Governor to be seeking medical health care in public health facilities:

As a media outlet with its tentacles spread across the state, KATSINA POST can not authoritatively report any political office holder in the state that attended a public health facility seeking for medical health.

In contrast, we got information of some Commissioners and Special advisers that attended health facilities in Abuja and abroad at a point in time seeking for health.


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