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Home Job Alert Katsina gov’t begins application for s-power online
Katsina gov’t begins application for s-power online

Katsina gov’t begins application for s-power online


The Katsina state government has yesterday launched the official website for the online registration of s-power programme.

The programme, which is, aimed at creating teaching jobs to teaming unemployed youths in the state specifically those with NCE and Diploma qualifications.

A message by the state government announced invitations from qualified members of the public to apply for full-time empowerment.

The website providedย

It has been recalled that the manual sales of the Katsina state social intervention programme forms named S-power have previously commenced on Monday, 19th of February, 2018 at the cost of 150 Naira.

S-Power is a programme, which is similar to N-Power, pledged by the state governor, Aminu Bello Masari recently.

The programme when launched is expected to address the shortage of teachers in various primary and secondary schools and reduce the unemployment rate in the state.



  1. What happened to the spower website ?I can that it does not work normally ,i tried it several time but i failed to reach it .therefore your assistant is highly needed.

  2. Your comment …the website is not available still now, many people suffer, is there any way that people follow to reduce this thing

  3. Your comment …is there any way that we follow apart from this, still now the website is not available, we don’t know what’s going on.

  4. Alhamdullah we thank Almighty Allah for this administration of his Excellency Alhahi Aminu Bello Masari

  5. Your comment
    Ya, ubangiji muna Rokonka don girman mulkinka,kabamu sa’a Allah,Allah gareka muka dogara? …

  6. all these programmed that you are trying would not take you any where in 2019 we are looking for re-change

  7. Your comment … Alhamdulillah, all praise and thanks be to Allah.
    May God bless Katsina, our Governor and Nigeria in General.
    S-Power in Katsina state is our power.

  8. Saboda soyayyar da son kafuwar gwabnatin adalci ta GOVONOR Rt.Hon.AMINU BELLO MASARI na sayar da gona ta ta gado domin nema masa KURIYAR yanki na, ance min mahaukaci, wawa ds amma ban kula ba, yau naga sakaiya, yanzu da bana da komai amma anki saka sunana a cikin malamai na S.POWER bayan na cika dukkan sharudda.

  9. Your comment … I did everything during the exercise but unfortunately my name was not found. But I realized that they did it based on their interest not on merit. Thus, remember no condition is permanent.

  10. Assalamu alaikum ni, ABDULAZIZ SAIDU GORAR YAMMAMA, Ina Mai mika godiyar mu ga Allah daya bamu shugaba na gari watau Rit. HON. AMINU BELLO MASARI bisa kokarin sa na samma matasa wadanda sukayi karatu kai ma har wadanda basu yi ba aikin yi wannan tabbas ya nuna mana cewar shi Mai kaunar cigaban mune.
    Haka kuma Ina Mai wakiltar dukkanin daliban jami’o I Yan asalin jihar KATSINA da Mai girma Rit. HON. AMINU BELLO MASARI yaba hukumar bada tallafin karatu umarnin baiwa dalibai wannan tallafin daya saba, mungode๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  11. Allah ya taimaki Rt honourable Aminu bello masari akan wannan kyakkyawan aiki dayake samar wa a jihar katsina, insha Allah yana tare da nasara


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