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Home Latest OPINION: Open letter to His Excellency Ibrahim Shehu Shema – By Abdulkadir Nasir
OPINION: Open letter to His Excellency Ibrahim Shehu Shema – By Abdulkadir Nasir

OPINION: Open letter to His Excellency Ibrahim Shehu Shema – By Abdulkadir Nasir



Your Excellency,

I have never written anything on anybody on any Social Media platform, but I feel duty bound to write this letter to Your Excellency. I write this piece with all sense of responsibility and without prejudice to either your person or anybody else for that matter.

By now Your Excellency, no doubt, has come to terms with the realities of life, YE is now a living witness of what happens when you love or hate for yourself and not for the cause of Allah (SWT) – the result of which, He, the Almighty will leave you with your choices.

Even though the system and style that brought YE to Power was the same style YE operated as Governor of Katsina State, You had a chance to correct it but you didn’t.

YE made a choice of who to shower love and who to hate based on a very weird scale of value assessment and entirely outside the boundaries of fairness. This error of decision left him with a heavy load of liabilities which he dangerously mistook for political assets. Some people consider politics a dirty and treacherous trade. Well, I don’t!

I still cherish and practice the idea of politics being a noble means designed by humans to freely chose good people to steer their affairs in a manner that will not be in conflict with the will of ALLAH SUBHANAHU WA TAALA.

Some of the people that, in one way or the other, made a positive meaning in your life, were people that you turned round and unleashed all manners of hatred and persecution at a time you were suppose to appreciate their contributions to the development of your political career.

Top on this list was His Excellency, Aminu Bello Masari. With him were others too numerous to mention, with some too distant to be remembered. On the other hand were people who contributed nothing in your journey to greatness but whom you willfully and selfishly promoted and lord over and above all your benefactors and, who have today turned against you faster than the speed of light.

The endless list of people in this category qualifies for a permanent painful reminder of your greatest error of judgement is endless – from Funtua to Malumfashi to Katsina through Dutsinma down to Mai’adua, every inch of Katsina State is well represented on this list sir.

Their reasons for abandoning you in your hour of need, including even those that hitherto, were boasting to be your sons and daughters; people that previously openly declared that they could “SHED THEIR BLOOD” to protect your interest, are not far from an innate desire to safeguard their ill-gotten wealth and status – both acquired by the unearned opportunities you provided them as Governor of Katsina State.

Today, by special grace of Allah (SWT), the Masari they insulted, maligned, lied against, castigated, disrespected and called horrific and disrespectful names is the Governor of Katsina state and by this turn of events you are no longer the “Saint” they cherished and kowtowed to in blind pursuit of your favors.

I pray to Allah to prevent you from hearing their shameless utterances on and about your person. That’s to lessen your pain of learning the transient nature of power the hard way and also, for learning how vincible you are as human.

Start by counting with your five fingers how many of your so called “sons” are still remaining in your fold. I know of 2 or 3 from Dutsinma and Mashi.

On a final note sir, if all these “sunlight sons and daughters” of yours could treacherously abandon you so quickly, nothing should stop you from opening a window of discussion with the gentleman whom I have severally heard you call “your boss” in the past, especially now that he is, by Allah’s providence and the people’s mandate, the Executive Governor of Katsina state hence, the chief negotiator of all Katsinawas.

A word they say is enough for the WISE and, a stitch in time saves ninety nine.

Abdulkadir Nasir.


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