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Home Latest Meet Ahmad Khalil – youngest Northern Nigerian Marine Engineer from BAKORI 
Meet Ahmad Khalil – youngest Northern Nigerian Marine Engineer from BAKORI 

Meet Ahmad Khalil – youngest Northern Nigerian Marine Engineer from BAKORI 



In 2017 a young Nigerian graduated from Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport University in Alexandria, Egypt. Ahmad Khalil Yahaya, was among the youngest Students from Nigeria, who joined the profession to offer something to the country and Africa because we came back after our training abroad to serve and to build our fatherland with oneness and loyalty, our great nation Nigeria”. Ahmad concluded to said.

Ahmad talked about his life during his training  as a Marine Engineering student and answered some questions for Tunza Eco Generation online about his life after the training .

1. Can you introduce yourself toTunza Eco Generationreaders?

I am Ahmad Khalil Yahaya, I was born in Bakori Local Government, Katsina State- Nigeria. I am 25 years old and I studied Marine Engineering.

2. Why did you choose to be a Marine Engineer? Was this a childhood dream becoming a reality, or was it something else?

Marine Engineering was not my childhooddream, God chose Marine Engineering to be my course of study and then my delightful and loving dad (Father) who encouraged me. And now I always thanks the Almighty ALLAH (God) for giving me this great opportunity.

3. Which places did you travel to by ship?

Out of the country where I studied Marine Engineering, I journeyed to almost all the States around Egypt that are bordering the Mediterranean and Red Seas; after that I also travelled to Cyprus, Saudi Arabia and Greece.

4. What was the most fascinating place that you visited as a student Marine Engineer?

The most fascinating places that I have visited during my training as a Marine Engineer was Cyprus and Greece. When I joined the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport University in Alexandria, Egypt, I was very excited to see men and women from different countries around the world preferring themselves as Navy and Sailorsand everyone was very kind to relate with each other despite our various difference, social, cultural and religious, we were friends.

5. The nature of  Marine Engineers job is to be away from home, are you ready to go into any job that will take you away from home for 1 year?

I can go days without talking with my relatives and friends, months without seeing anyone,  I am ready, because as a Marine Engineer we were trained to , if you want  to work on your field you have to be far from home especially myself I come from Northern Nigeria. In fact for me being far away from home is even a tradition, because from childhood I started my school in a boarding house  from primary up to my University level in Egypt.

6. You recently returned from Egypt after your Graduation and now serving as a Nigerian Youth Corps  member for a period of 9 months, how do you see yourself at the moment?

I am very happy and engaged, because I successfully completed my studies and now serving my fatherland, (Nigeria). Nowserving as a Youth Corps at National Inland Waterways Authority – (NIWA) in Lokoja -Kogi State,  which is very far away from my hometown Katsina State, is quitean experience member working in an organisation related to my course of study.

7. What advice can you give to young people who are reading this course and want to have career  to be in the Navy or to become Sailors?

For young ones who want to have career in the Navy or to become Sailors, they have to know and understand that  to be aNavy officer or a Sailor the field is very nice and interesting. I wish my future son will choose this as his career.

8. Issue of what you can do to be proud ofour continent  Africa as a Marine Engineer, can you share with Tunza Eco Generation?

I wish myself and my other colleagues who  studied Maritime (Marine Engineering and Nautical Science) or any related Maritime courses, that  after our 9 months compulsory Youth Corps  service, we  will have a job related to our fields  of studies, so that we can bring developmentto our great continent Africa especially Nigeria by giving all the ideas and contribution toward the development  of our country.

(Culled from tunza.eco-generation.org)


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