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Home Latest EDITORIAL! Reflections on the recent political defection that hits Katsina polity 
EDITORIAL! Reflections on the recent political defection that hits Katsina polity 

EDITORIAL! Reflections on the recent political defection that hits Katsina polity 


The massive defection from the opposition to the ruling party is past dominating major public discuss in Katsina. The spate of defection  is rampaging on like a wildfire and have a negative undertone in our political development and hinders the entrenchment of Democratic values in Katsina.

Faced with myriad challenge from within which became manifest with the  formation of an opposition camp called the ‘Akida group’, which literally means those who held on to the true principles of the party , a group that has been critical of Masari administration and disenchanted by the manner in which masari take some administrative decision; the Katsina ruling party resort – so to say – to the opposition PDP defectors to thrive now.

The APC Akida group was formed  by some prominent APC ; Sada Ilu, Dr. Usman Bugaje, former Senate leader, Sen. M.T liman, Senators Abdu Yandoma and Sadiq Yaradua and other top ranking members of APC in Katsina.

As it stand today, the APC in Katsina is divided in two faction; The Akida which opposes anything Masari and mainstream who are loyal to the governor.

Threatened by the effect such faction could may have on his second term ambition, Masari resorted to cajoling some bigwigs who can be persuaded to join his camp to counter the internal opponents. The strategy seems to have yielded some fruitful results as prominent figures have since join the APC. Prominent among the defectors are a two time speaker of Katsina state house of assembly, Hon. Yau Umar Gwajogwajo and Bilya Bala Rimiwho also served as deputy to Gwajogwajo, former Senator from Katsina central, Ibrahim Ida. Also noticeable Musa Adamu Funtua, a former commissioner and prominent figure in the immediate past Shema administration.

More still, the defectors usually went with their precious assets of their vast loyal supporters to their new political abode. The wave of defections seem to have serve as a buffer to Masari against the threat posed by APC Akida on his reelection bid.

It was alleged that Masari with the the available resources at his disposal to achieve this objective.

However, there were insinuations that some of the decampes were  blackmailed and intimidated with corruption charges on their neck. So the movement is a subtle move to escape corruption charges. Other reasons being the lust for money and political opportunism. Whether this is true or not is immaterial. What is clear is that, the movement is for personal gains.

People may scramble to rationalize the defections. Why leaving the that made you and bites the fingers that fed. The answer is simple. Nigerian politician and indeed other democracies, is only guided by one principle-personal interest. No question of ideology. That was why it is easy for a politician to cross carpet to another party where he think  his ambition will be better protected and (or) his ambition has a better chance to be realise.

Another factor seen by political pundits as to why the state’s Peoples Democratic Party is loosing its members to defection is lack internal democracy.

In Katsina State its alleged that the PDP as a party is being controlled by one single individual who may determine the fate of many aspirants come to 2019. The uncertainty generated by this state of anxiety influence many aspirant who thought didn’t stand a chance and force then to seek for an alternative platform  to actualise their ambition.

The allegation was outrightly debunked by the state’s PDP party chairman, Hon. Salisu Yusuf Majigiri.

However, the development did not augur well with the opposition and calls for a sober reflection of what went wrong. With 2019 general election past approaching, the party needs to have its big guns for it mount any credible challenge. If this trend of defection is allowed to continue unabated, it will be a herculean task to perform well in the upcoming election.


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