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Home Opinion OPINION: Reflections on the Tragedy of the Common man: the Nigerian Reality – By Dikko Muhammad
OPINION: Reflections on the Tragedy of the Common man: the Nigerian Reality – By Dikko Muhammad

OPINION: Reflections on the Tragedy of the Common man: the Nigerian Reality – By Dikko Muhammad


The common man in this country is one of the jinxed people on earth. From precolonial period to the present, his life has not really changed. He thinks the same; he sees everything from a primordial angle; tribalism; ethno-religious sentiments; compounded ignorance etc. In his livelihood, he still uses the hoe to harvest his crops that could never take him through the dry season. Everything about his life is crude; just like that of his great-grandparents.

I don’t intend to condemn this comman man. I set to explore his world and invite you to ponder on what he goes through.

A certain “stoning commissioner” in one of the States in the North has called his supporters to stone his political adversary. Not that long ago, a certain State Governor also asked his supporters to crush his opponents like cockroaches. These people are archetypal representatives of our political leaders whether in PDP, APC, or whatever party.

They’re all the same and they dominate our political landscape. That’s why no party ever promise to slashed half of our legislators’ package. No party sees any problem with our failing economy or offers any sincere solution. No party has succeeded in enlightening the comman man.

Now, here lie the reasons why the common man remains in his perpetual state of destitution and ignorance.

If they provide him with sound education, he won’t frequent their houses as Ɗan jagaliya, Ɗan bangar siyasa, so where will our soulless politicians get their thugs to be used as cannon fodder in destroying the political enemy? No where!

You and I don’t go to political rallies and don’t shout PDP Power or APC Change because we have better things to do. You can’t be enlightened and still reduce yourself to swallower of slogans.

If they educate the common, who will fight their ethno-religious crises? Take a survey, all conflicts in Nigeria have the comman man quarters as settings. There was never a time when the residents of GRA participate in such conflicts.

GRA is a sacred quarter. It’s akin to the Continental Ground in the American movie “John Wick”. No killings take place there. The comman man killed a comman man in commoners quarters and police came teargassed the whole quarters, killed the killable and “restore order”!

The comman man in Nigeria is a mere weapon at the service of the sinister elite class. He is supplied with drugs and matchetes during political rallies and campaigns. He metes his anger on his real brother, another comman man. You find a scenario in which the common man kills another comman man and the police arrives and arrest another comman man.

The real perpetrators are never exposed and apprehended. That’s why despite our DSS, NIA, NPF, etc, the sponsors of Boko Haram are still a mystery. Same to those of Niger Delta Avengers and Nnamdi Kanu. Even those murderers arrested last three days in Benue State could be either released or eliminated if they dare expose the establishment.

If you ponder about these issues, you won’t be wondering how Cuba exports medical doctors and Nigeria exports prostitutes. You won’t be confused as to why every experiment fails when it’s brought on our soil. You won’t have difficulties understanding why Nigeria never prosecute perpetrators of conflicts.

Add the figures and make the conclusions.

Dikko Wurma Muhammad



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