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Home Opinion Opinion: Petroleum Catastrophe: Truth Must Be Told – By Dr. Ahmed Adamu
Opinion: Petroleum Catastrophe: Truth Must Be Told – By Dr. Ahmed Adamu

Opinion: Petroleum Catastrophe: Truth Must Be Told – By Dr. Ahmed Adamu


Someone very close to President Buhari sent me abusive comments because I suggested that President Buhari should step down as Petroleum Minister. Now, over 4,500 Nigerians supported my initial call, and they also called on President Buhari to step down as Petroleum Minister. Now, that close aid to Mr President should also come out and abuse these innocent Nigerians too.

After my initial call, an online newspaper called Premium Times conducted an online survey seeking the opinions of Nigerians on whether President Buhari should step down as Petroleum Minister or not. Over 6,700 Nigerians participated in the survey, and 67% of them have the opinion that the President should step down as minister of Petroleum Resources.

This is an indication that Nigerians want their President to free himself from unnecessary pressure so that he can concentrate fully in overseeing the affairs of governance. This call was not out of hatred but out of love. Nigerians want their President to maximize his resources to achieve efficiency. The office of the President and Commander in Chief of Armed Forces requires undivided attention, and the one occupying this position needs to maximise his concentration and focus through effective delegation of power, so that he will supervise effectively.

Now, politics is approaching, the attention of Mr President will further be divided, this can affect governance. Therefore, this call is a patriotic one, and it is not intended to contempt Mr President, but to help him achieve more for our country, and prevent avoidable hardships that may be caused due to possible oversight in managing the affairs of a sensitive sector like that of Petroleum.

For those that think telling the truth to a leader is hatred, than they are the ones that hate the leader. If you love someone, that is when you will tell him the truth. If you are with someone and you always say yes to that person irrespective of whether he is right or wrong, then you became sycophant and a cheater. No body is perfect, and even the President makes mistake, and he must be told the truth.

We should be professional in judging and reacting to people’s opinions. If someone says something you disagree, you should disagree with respect. If you abuse and criticise without facts, it means you are ignorant and unprofessional. If you disagree with someone, disagree politely and with facts and evidence, don’t just say no, say no to it with reasons. If you disagree with someone, don’t pass negative comment, just establish your own point, period.

Remember this: “Hold to forgiveness; command what is right; but turn away from the ignorant”. Quran 7:199.

Finally, Mr President should take absolute responsibility of all the hardships that people are undergoing right now. President Buhari said in 2015 “I take responsibility for whatever happened under my watch”. This time around too, President Buhari should take responsibility and stop the blame game. All measures must be in place to check and stop those supposed saboteur activities.

Subsidy is not evil, we should embrace and apply what I suggested as quota petroleum subsidy and targeted petroleum subsidy. Refineries must be built and existing ones be in full capacity utilisation. President Buhari promised in 2015 “I will revive and reactivate our minimally performing Refineries to optimum capacity”, and this week Mr Kachiku (the state minister of Petroleum) said “the major solution to the fuel scarcity challenges in the country is for Nigeria to fix its refineries”, which means those promises have not been fulfilled after 3 years.


Here is the link to the report about the survey: https://www.premiumtimesng.com/news/headlines/254374-nigerians-ask-buhari-resign-petroleum-minister.html



Dr. Ahmed Adamu

Petroleum Economist and Development Expert,

First-Ever Global President of Commonwealth Youth Council,

University Lecturer (Economics),

(08034458189, 08188949144 ahmadadamu1@gmail.com)


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